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Anyway, ito po yung mga pinaglalagay ko dun. Mga quotes nga lang po ito at kung anu-ano pa mula sa fave kong stories. In short, hindi po ako ang nagsulat ng mga story na ito, FAN lang din po ako. Magaganda po ang mga stories na 'to, worth a read. :)

Ate Aly, ayus lang po ba kung gawin ko 'to? Kung hindi po, pwede ko po siyang i-delete. (Kahit na alam ko na 1 in a million chance lang ang basahin niya 'to). Fan na fan niyo po kasi ako. :)


Stories by Alyloony

Break the Casanova's Heart Operation

>> Stephen and Naomi
     ~~ "You must FIGHT for what you feel."
     ~~ Love is involuntary. You won't realizer it until it slaps you in the face.
     ~~Try new things, learn new lessons, experience different events, LIVE. But, try not to do something that you might regret in the future.

Reaching You

>>Amber and Ren
     ~~"You will always be BEYOND MY REACH."
     ~~ When you're always so focused on that one person, you don't realize that there's someone behind you, ready to catch you when you fall because that one person is already in someone else's arms.
     ~~Learn to let go. In doing so, you might find someone who'll always grab your hand.

The Other Side

>> Misha and Terrence
     ~~ "Nagising na lang ako na IKAW ang gusto kong makasama."
     ~~ Don't be blinded by your love for that person when there's someone already by your side, ready to do everything for you, ready to follow your every command, ready to hurt himself as long as you could have your happiness.
     ~~ When your special someone has already found another, let him go. There's a reason why he didn't become yours, and that must be because there's already someone else destined to be with you forever, you just have to be patient and wait for him to come. You never know, he might already be there.


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