Chapter 26-Out of the Woodwork

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"Noctus!" I holler.

Using my portal was something I was not hoping to do today. It smells like wet dog in here. I did not come here to clean up.

A door opens at the end of the red carpeted hallway. The vampire steps out, giving me a sideways glance before shutting the door quietly behind him.

He transports himself in front me while adjusting his police hat.

"Kinky," I mutter.

His bloodshot eyes sharpen on me. "I was about to go to work."

"Oh! Well, then I'm glad I caught you at a good time. I've been keeping an eye on the activity of this town. You're probably looking to leave now, aren't you?"

"Yes, Viktor. That's right," he begins in his southern twang. "My wife and kids too."

"I can relate. Now, you'll have to get that portal open though. I don't like their people either, so we can do a trade off. I'll let the witches out and let your family come down."

"She won't want to."

"Valerie is going to have to. It's a small price to pay for your mass murder, isn't that right?"

I watch his jaw twitch, knowing I've struck a nerve. Of course what I say is exactly right. He killed hundreds of witches in one day. How could I forget?

I was the one automatically responsible for finding them homes in my domain. Homes that weren't ready yet. The witches live like pigs. And they have a knack for destroying property too and upsetting other dead supernaturals.

He smirks. "There was enough hate spreading still when reason no longer worked. I did what needed done."

"You did indeed."

I honestly don't care about the murders because I've had my fair share of them. I'm more concerned with the state of Hegley Hallow right now -- our afterlife.

"What are you, anyway?" he asks me with new reproach.

"A...faery," I answer carefully. "Did you forget?"


I'm not an idiot.

If I told him I was part demon, he'd probably call the little witch sleeping in his bed right now out here to exorcise me or something.

Me and my mate have been watching them all interacting for the passed few months. It's been quite entertaining really. Our amusement ended when our population increased by one coven too many all in one day. The one named Patricia is the worst and her damned barking familiar bit one of my kids yesterday.

"So, I was hoping to ask something else of you -- if you know anything about familiars."

"I am one," he remarks briskly. "But usually it is animals who are turned to pets. My case is unusual."

"Does the council of supernatural affairs know?"

His smirk returns. "No, why?"

"You're one of them, aren't you? Anyone else would have been sentenced to death doing what you've gotten away with."

He shoves his hands into the pockets of his police jacket looking down his nose at me. "Don't get so excited. I'm working undercover, but my case is closed now. Everyone killed was convicted of a high degree crime -- beginning with their headmistress's use of arson. Most were sent to your realm in peace, the young ones spared. The adults were shot on the spot after."

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