New life

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“Oh my god! I felt him kick! Alexei, he kicked!” Chara, now 20 weeks pregnant, had been waiting to feel her baby boy kick for weeks now.

Alexei’s face glowed with excitement as he strode to Chara on the sofa and placed his hefty hands on her engorged belly. He jumped back upon feeling his son kick through his mother’s stomach, and a proud grin slid across his face.

Since finding out he was going to be a father, there had been a distinct change in Alexei. His smiles came more easily. There was a sparkle in his eye. He’d even started to laugh once in a while.

“I have more good news for you,” Alexei pronounced through his grin.


“My staff tell me that police stop looking for you soon. Maybe after baby born. Then safe for you go outside again.”

Chara threw her arms around Alexei. “Baby that’s great news! Well done!”

Alexei had told Chara that he’d been working tirelessly with his team, pulling all the strings they could to get the cops to look the other way. They were already having a fake identity created for Chara, including a fake passport and fake driving license. Once it was safe for her to use hair dye again--which was a pregnancy no-no--she’d dye her hair bright blonde and cut it short, and she’d be able to walk about Thailand a free woman.

Alexei had also reassured Chara that he would be flying in his family doctor from Moscow for the birth. He’d arrive two months before her due date, just in case. They would transform one of the rooms in the house into a hospital-like suite, and they’d have everything they needed.

“Once little Matvey is born, we can take him to Russia to meet your family, and then come back here and start our new life,” Chara smiled, genuinely excited to turn a new page in her life.

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