Trouble knelt on the floor in-front of me with his hands linked together creating a place for my foot to be placed on so he could give me a good boost out the window. 

"I can't believe I'm doing this" I mumbled as I reached for the window seal

"Stop being a baby and just climb out!" He chuckled,

"Shut up" I spat as he stood up, raising me from the ground and pushing me through the window, i fell through and landed on the grass on the other side, I screamed as I hit the ground, Trouble leaped out the window and began running. 

"GO GO GO GO GO!" He screamed, running off into the distance, I pulled myself off the ground quickly,

"WHAT?! WHY?!" I yelled as he disappeared, I was left standing alone and confused as per usual. I heard someone clear their throat from behind me and I thought of the worst. 

'SHOOT! I've been busted!' I thought to myself as I froze, I held my breath and could feel myself shaking.

'I'm gonna get a suspension for sure.. running off from detention.. Trouble has ruined my good reputation' One million things went through my mind before I turned around slowly, not opening my eyes until the very last minute.

"What's a girl like you doing escaping from detention with a guy like trouble" a boy around my height with tanned skin and curly hair said with a confused look on his face. I let out a sigh of relief.

"oh my god I thought you were Mr.smith" I placed a hand on my chest,

"Look at me! I'm shaking!" I held out my hand to show how shaky I was.

"Maybe breaking the rules isn't your thing.." He chuckled before placing his hand out before me.

"I'm sam Pottorf" I shook his hand gently.

"Destiny Willows.."  

He smiled sweetly before motioning me to walk with him,

"So what are you doing in detention anyway?" He asked re-opening the window that I had just jumped out of,

"I almost burned down the labs.." He froze, I laughed loudly

"I'm kidding.. Trouble almost burned down the labs and blamed me.."  He nodded slowly

"That makes sense" I slid through the window, landing on my feet this time, he crawled in after me. 

"Why are you in here..?" I asked as I slowly walked back to my seat and sat myself down

"I'd rather not say" he chuckled nervously and scratched the back of his neck. I shook my head and laughed. 

Detention didn't turn out to be that bad if I think about it, I got to spend time with Sam who was the best person to talk to.. and look at. i have to admit he was extremely cute and made me forget about the thing that had been playing across my mind, Trouble. Once Mr.Smith walked into the classroom with both shut our mouths and acted like we had been bored out of our brains. 

"What the- where did everyone go?!" Mr.Smith spat as his eyes darted around the classroom looking for the students that had left. We both pointed to the open window and laughed quietly. 

"You two can go early for staying back.." Sam stood up slowly, putting his bag on his back and motioning me towards the door.

"what way are you going?" He asked, I pointed towards the student car park, he sighed

"Oh.. I have to go the other way.."

"I guess I'll see you round then" I smiled and went to walk off.