Chapter 8 - "Not again you."

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Lisa's POV
It was a three weeks later after my audition and today was the day that we were finally going to start filming, and meeting the cast. I was probably more nervous about meeting the other cast members than starting to act in front of the producers. I was getting quickly ready. They had specifically told us not to wear make-up as the stylists would do that for us. I sighed and looked at myself.

"You can do this." I said to myself in the mirror, trying to encourage myself. It looked so foolish and it made me laugh. The nerves were really getting to me. I was just glad that I wasn't alone on this journey. Not did I have Alberto with me. I also had Maira with me.

"Lisa, are you ready?" I heard Maira ask. I saw her walking inside of my room and I could tell from her that she was really nervous. Maira never went into acting or had the intention to have an acting career. This came all sudden to her and I was glad because Maira was amazing at acting.

"I am. Are you?" I asked. I felt like I was more ready to start acting than actually being ready to leave for the studio. Maira nodded and nervously looked down. I smiled softly and walked towards her. I held her hand which made her look at me.

"I have got you okay? I will help you go through this." I said and Maira nodded. The last time when she spoke about this Dylan had a go at her. He didn't want Maira to go into this but at the end of the day, it was her choice to make not Dylan's.

"I am nervous and scared... The media already has it out for me and now that I am following into my parent's footsteps I have no idea how they will respond to this." Maira said softly. I slightly squeezed her hand and looked at her.

"Maira, you have me and it doesn't matter what the media or others think of you. You know who you are and you know why you are doing what you are doing. I am sure if your parents were here. They would have been so proud of you." I said and I could see that her eyes started to sparkle a bit which made me feel better.

"Thank you. You are the best." Maira said with a smile and hugged me. Maira and I didn't talk about her parents after she had found their diaries. I could tell that whatever was written in it, it had shaken her up. She was devasted and because she knows half of the truth it will start haunting her. I couldn't bring myself up to ask her about it because it would sadden her.

"Maira?" I asked and she looked up at me. I could tell from her eyes that she was kind of worried. Her anxiety always made her think of the worst and she had been telling me about it recently.

"What was written in those diaries of your parents? It is totally okay if you don't want to share it with me." I said quickly. I don't want her to feel pressured to tell me about it and it was also more personal. She never knew who her parents really were because she never got that luxury of it. She could only imagine about it, rather than really experiencing it.

When it comes to me, my parents were a total nightmare. I hated them. They always emotional abused me and made me believe that I was a total failure. They wouldn't care what was going on with me or to ever ask if I was okay. I was totally neglected and pushed aside by my own family. I never wanted to experience this. I hated my family. I couldn't even call them that because the only family I have ever known was Maira and Alberto.

"I..." Maira stammered. I could see that her worried expression right away turned into sadness and I cursed myself for asking about her parents but deep inside me I knew that she was still struggling with the truth. She just didn't share it with me and kept everything in herself which made her fall apart, and I did not want that to happen.

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