Chapter 126 - Cover Up

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"Ex" You mumbled opening your eyes. He was lying there getting tattooed by Kat. She was saying about how she could redo his tattoos as she worked on his leg.

"We could even cover up the kanji on your chest if you want" You heard her say. You sat up wincing at you head as you looked at Lita. You were in two minds whether he would go through with it.

Nikki looked at Kat, you could tell he was uncomfortable as he sat with her friends surrounding him as they watched him get tattooed. You weren't sure why he was trying to pretend to fit in with Kat and her younger friends.  You watched him lick his lips in thought as he played with his phone.


Nothing more, nothing less. You looked at Lita and she looked at you. He was the most confusing man that ever lived.

"Maybe I should watch this more regularly, keep you up to date" Lita said setting her tv to remind her every time the show was on.

"What's the point? He told me to move on, he's moved on. He doesn't care about me anymore" You said with a shrug. Your phone buzzed and you looked at it. Daniel.

"You were messaging that guy a lot last night" Lita said with a smile. "He seemed kind."

"Yeah he was always nice. Alice wasn't that great to him but he was nice. He'd always have a spare guitar lead so when mine broke he w-'

"Love story of the century" Lita teased and you rolled your eyes.

"I don't like him like that" You stated. "He's not my type at all."

"Look he's asked you out for some dinner, you should go just to at least see what it's like" Lita suggested. You guessed she was right. With Nikki pushing you to move on, you guessed you could try and date. But Daniel really wasn't your type.


"She tried to offer me pizza which was spicy and I don't even eat spicy food!" Izzy exclaimed as gave her dinner.

"You'd eat Mexican when your dad would give you it" You said raising an eyebrow.

"She won't let him eat meat anymore"  Izzy mentioned as she ate her fries. "Gunner said that daddy is unhappy."

"Well your dad made a choice and adults have to see through their choices" You shrugged. "Do you want to go to see Lita's show with me on Friday?"

"Yes please" She said with a nod. "And I want a burger!"

"Alright, its a nice mother daughter day" You grinned kissing her on the head.

Izzy became a lot more interested in school and studying. She was so creative though, she definitely loved to paint and of course she loved music. She wanted to take guitar lessons as well. Nikki had contacted you about him paying for them but you thought what was the point? Between you and Lita you could teach her yourselves.

Friday came around quickly as you and Izzy got ready for Lita's show. It was a nice little outdoor acoustic event to raise some money for charity.

Her clothes mirrored yours as you drove out east for the show. You had brought a new car considering it was just the two of you. A little softop Cadillac so you could put the roof down in the summer. She grinned as she pushed her sunglasses up her nose as the wind blew her hair around.

When you pulled up to the event, you pushed two garden chairs together and brought you both some soda as you sat at the front for the show. You were amazed at how into the music she way, and how much she had changed over the last few years. Changing from a pure daddy's girl to actually wanting to spend time with you. It was so nice.

"I invited Dan the man" Lita hissed at you just before she got on the small stage. You looked around in panic and saw Dan waving at you a few rows back. This was meant to be just for you and Izzy. You weren't sure why Lita invited him. Unlike Nikki, you weren't ready to bring strangers around Izzy.

"Your phones buzzing" Izzy pointed out as you opened it. Two messages. One from Dan and one from Nikki.

Hey hope you don't mind me being here, Lita asked if I could help out with the sound. You look great btw x

I'm picking up Izzy tonight as I'm travelling Sunday so I won't be able to spend the whole day with her. Pete will be round in an hour.

It was bizarre how polar opposite they both were to each other. You couldn't believe the nerve of Nikki, just trying to crash you day with Izzy. Well tough, he could turn up but you weren't gonna be there.

The show was a lot of fun, Lita doing some covers, some of her own songs. She announced that the charity had raised a lot of money. She called an interval as you turned to Izzy.

"I wanna be like Lita." Izzy said to you. "She's so cool"

"Well you keep practicing that guitar and I will buy you an electric and we can all jam" You said rubbing her arm. You watched as Dan appeared in the seat next to you. Izzy held your arm as she went shy.

"Hey there, who's this?" Dan said with a smile. "Izzy right?"

"That's right" You said with a nod. "Izzy this is my friend Dan."

She looked at him and gave him a small wave and he smiled.

"What do you think so far? Lita's a great musician" Dan nodded and you agreed.

"Yeah we came just for her. She's a great godmother to Izzy. She was my hero when I first met her" You laughed as you tried to integrate Izzy. "Dan does the sound for Lita."

"With the buttons and the slides?" Izzy asked poking her head round to look at him.

"Yeah it's super fun, do you wanna see? My mixing desk is just by the stage" Dan said and Izzy looked at you.

"Can we go? Please please please" She said excitedly and you nodded, grabbing your bag as you followed Dan to the stage. Your phone started buzzing as Dan instructed Izzy on what to press.

"I've just gotta take this call" You said walking away. You kept them both in sight as you answered your phone.

"Nikki I'm not at home" You sighed as you answered.

"That's what Pete's saying. Did you not get my message?" Nikki asked impatiently.

"Yes I did but I was already out. I'm not just giving up my time with her at your demand. We're having a night together" You explained.

"Well I have plans. And I needed her tonight, I'm going on vacation Sunday. I'm entitled to my two days" Nikki snapped, taking you back with his outburst.

"She's my daughter too. You walked out on us Nikki so you aren't in any position to give demands. You work around me. This is my day with her, so you either wait until tomorrow or you wait for me to come home" You retorted.

"I'll be by tomorrow morning" He growled hanging up the phone.

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