Chapter 2: Collide

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Chapter 2: Collide

Josh’s POV

                Danielle and I were walking inside the hallway, when I asked her “anong year mo na nga pala?” she said “ 3rd Year, A Junior student ikaw?” “Senior student na ako eh!” I said. We were asking each other different questions, RANDOM questions. I asked her “is this your first year in this University?” she said no. “Oh, Which goes to show that maybe, just maybe ahh!Baka Ikaw yong Campus Crush na binabanggit nila noh!?Well, it’s not impossible naman, kasi you’re pretty and I can see naman na mabaet ka eh. No wonder, baka marami na nagkakagusto sayo dito”…’You might just want to add me’ I said to myself. ‘What was I saying!?HAHA! we just met, minutes ago noh!Owell, who cares!I just admire her!’. She didn’t answer my question so siguro siya nga yon! “So, Ikaw nga!” I said, teasingly. “Hinde noh! and who knows kung ako nga!HAHA!” she said humbly. “Sus, pahambol ka pa!alam mo you should be proud of it!and ang cute cute mo pala talaga pag tumawa noh!?” I said while pinching her cheeks. I looked at my watch to see what time is it. “OH! 7:45 na pala eh!hindi ka pa ba papasok sa first class mo? tara sabay na tayo!”. “Sige!” she said. We went all the way to the 3rd floor to look for our rooms then she said “oh, ito na pala room ko oh!” “ahh talaga! eh ito na rin room ko eh!” while pointing to room right next to hers. “Oh sige see you nalang sa lunch break ahh!” I uttered while smiling “OK!” she said while smiling too. ‘OH! ayan na naman! our eyes just met oh! Did you just saw that? Tapos ng-smile na naman siya!’ I said to myself before entering my class. She already went inside, before I went straight to my room, I took another glimpse of her and waved at her to say bye and she just smiled! ‘I dunno but there’s really something about her that makes my heart MELT!’.

Danielle’s POV

                ‘Start na ng first class, siyempre orientation palang to noh!’ I said to myself. Isa isa na kaming tinawag, “Miss Gomez, please introduce yourself to all of us” Ma’am Roxas said. I stood up and started talking “I am Danielle Erica Gomez 16 years old and I’m looking forward to knowing all of you!” then smiled and the guys were like “ohwwww”. Ma’am Roxas selected random names again, and said “Mr. Dela Cruz, would you mind introducing yourself?” a guy stood up and the girls started screaming, I looked at him and he was actually cute, and I was surprised na seatmate ko pala yong tumayo. ‘WOW!’ I uttered silentely, then he started speaking. “I am Kyle Jared Dela Cruz 17 years old and it’s really an honor meeting you guys!” he smiled. Then he sat on his chair and looked at me, “Kyle!” while reaching his hand, “Danielle” I took his hand. A few minutes later, I heard the bell rang sabi ni Kyle ”tara!sabay na tayo mag-lunch!” I said “Sige!” Then I remembered AJ, ‘patay!’  I whispered to myself. “ uhmm…Kyle, sorry pero nakapag sabi na pala ako sa isa kong friend na sabay na kami mag-lulunch eh. Sorry ahh, and if you don’t mind mauuna na ako.” “Ah ganon ba!?ayos lang noh!there’s still next time naman eh!” he smiled, “Sige aalis na ren ako!” he added. I sat at a bench while waiting for AJ, “ang tagal naman nila i-dismiss!” I murmured, after a minute or 2, “FINALLY!” I shouted.

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