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'Achilles, wake up.' 

Achilles had been out for an hour now and Lisa was getting concerned. He hadn't exactly stopped bleeding and him falling asleep was something which worried her. Damian had beat him quite badly and Lisa wasn't fully convinced he was going to be okay in his current state. 

'Lisa, I don't know if he's breathing.' Alison said, sounding panicked. 'Is he supposed to breathe? Do his kind do that?' 

'I...I don't know. I guess it's not something I really paid attention to Alison. We need to pull over at a service station though, he needs medical attention. We can't take him to a hospital.'

Lisa drove on and kept an eye out for a gas station. It was pretty quiet and seemingly in the middle of nowhere, just a stop along the highway. She quickly stopped the car. 

'Alison, get out and see if there's any kind of first aid supplies. I'll see if there's a restroom.'

Alison hopped out of the car and so did Lisa. She ran around to the back of the station, where there was a bathroom. Running back to the car, she opened the backseat. 

'Achilles, can you walk?'

He made a soft groan. Lisa grabbed his arm and tried to pull him up but the guy weighed a ton. 

'Wait, I think I kind of can.' 

He sat up slowly and groaned in pain.

'Lean on me.' Lisa said, grabbing his arm and throwing it around her shoulder. He leaned into her and they slowly made their way to the restroom. He slid to the floor and Lisa locked the door.

She took a closer look at him. Blackish-red blood stained his face and body. He looked tired and weak and Lisa really wasn't sure if she could do anything to help him.

'Achilles.' His eyes followed her loosely. 

'Yes, Lisa?'

'I need you to tell me how I can help you. Alison will get some medical supplies but I don't know your biology well enough. Will that even help? Can that help? I don't know how to fix you, should we go to a hospital?'

'No.' He grunted. 'Human medicine won't really work on me.' 

'But you're half human?'

'But I'm not.' 

'So I'm just supposed to let you die on this floor?' 

'I wont die, Lisa. I'm in pain. I'm weak. I won't die. But I won't heal. You can't just cart me around like this, I'm slowing you down.'

'Well I'm not leaving you here.'

 'Lisa look at me.'

Lisa's eyes met his and she felt something deep in herself. 

'Lisa you forget what I am. How I work.'

He moved slowly over towards her and wrapped  a hand around her waist. 

'I know you're scared for me but right now I need you to relax, everything is going to be okay, alright?' 

She tried to calm herself and focused on his eyes. She felt herself relax and she felt a sudden urge to be close to him. He pulled her on to his lap. He kissed her softly and she could feel a lift in his strength and his hands moved down her torso and wrapped themselves around her thighs. He came up to his feet and she wrapped her legs around his waist. There was something frantic in their movements and he pressed her up against the wall of the restroom, continuing to kiss her.  With each kiss, she could feel him getting stronger. 

'I was so afraid you were dying.' She said, looking at his now healing face. 

'You didn't need to worry Lisa, could a dead man do this?' He smirked at her and his free hand moved lower, between her legs. 

She moaned softly. 'I never thought I'd be doing this in a bathroom at the side of the road.' 

He laughed, between kisses and said 'Well, neither did I.' 

His gripped the waistband of her jeans and pulled. She pulled his shirt off over his head.

'You know, every night I was in Hercules, I couldn't stop thinking about you. About this.' 

'Oh really?' She said, as they continued to undress.

'Yes, really. All I kept thinking was about how much I wanted to be close to you again.'

Now it was her time to smirk at him.

'Well now you have your chance.'

'Well that was intense.' Lisa said afterwards, resting against Achilles's chest. He had completely healed and he smiled down at her. 

'Yeah, our craziest adventure yet.' 

'You know, when you were lying in the back of the car, half dead, I really thought that was it for you.' 

'Well, with your help, I'm good as new.'

'Seriously though, I really did think that was it. All I kept thinking is, don't die before I get to tell you how much I love you.' Her voice started to thicken and she couldn't stop the tears.


'I know that when everything went sideways I hurt you and I kept thinking about everything you put in that letter. I kept thinking about when you said you loved me and I thought I had ruined everything.I thought there's no way you could love me now, not after what I did.'

'Lisa, stop.' He sighed. 'You idiot, of course I still love you.'

'What's going to happen now? What do we do?' 

'I don't know Lisa. Hey, what happen to Alison?'

Lisa smacked her forehead. 'Shit.'

She took out her phone and she had text from Alison that read;


'Oh fuck.' Lisa showed the message to Achilles. 

'We need to get out of here then. We'll make a run for the car.'

They got to their feet and unlocked the door. 

'Okay, on the count of 3, run, okay?'

Lisa nodded.


They made a dash for the car. It wasn't that far of a distance. However, just as they reached the car, a voice yelled out to them. 

'Hey! Lisa Farrow!'

Lisa stopped dead in her tracks. 

'Lisa, come on!' Achilles hissed at her.

No, it couldn't be, Lisa thought, spinning around to meet the footsteps  of the figure behind her.

'Lisa.' the owner of the voice said. 'I thought you were dead.'

Lisa took one look and gasped. 

'Adam, what are you doing here?'

Oh snap. 

- C xx

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