57. No Touching.

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Eyes widened, breaths ragged and harsh. Their weak hands trembled at their sides. All tied up to a large log, forcing them onto the ground, unable to move. The only sound was the constant drip of Wolfsbane that was stuck into their necks, decreasing their strengths. - or What was left of their strength.

They all kept brave faces initially, almost threatening me with their glare. It is shocking to think that creatures like this even possessed a sense of moral consciousness. They fought hard against us, I won't argue that, but in the end, they became submissive to my rule.

After all, I did promise them a better life.

A life where they are able to live freely amongst the rest of the world.

Trapped in solitude, struck with stigma; they deserved a chance of freedom. And I was going to give it to them.

No, It wasn't going to be easy. Goddess knows how much I hated rogues, but it's a sacrifice I would have to make.

He tried it before and failed.

The poor human's blood wasn't even enough to turn the entire Pack of rogues. The most they could do was a turn about a couple thousand; A pathetic army against the major four Packs. The blood of a True Mate needed to be a wolf's blood; He said it was the only way to get what we want.

And the Rebellion didn't make it any easier. Those little bastards turned against him, killing their leader too.

The turned beasts fled, leaving him with the rest of the weak bunch.

Luckily, he found me. And with my help, we could continue what was already started.

I turned to my left, watching as the women and men were separated on either side of the large hallway. Arms chained to the floor, heads bowed in solemn.

Thank fuck those children were dismissed quickly. An army of children was nothing against the major packs so they were easily disposed of. Although some had fled and escaped..to my dismay

"It's apart of the process!" I said to them, reassuring them that the pain and suffering would be over soon. The fucking waiting game was beginning to irritate me and we were losing time.

But If I'm being completely honest, I had no idea when it would end.

Let's just say, I didn't listen during science class.

I let out a quick laugh and leaned back into my chair. My eyes went back to her in my utter boredom.

Her hands trembled at her sides and she lifted her chained arms, jamming her fist into her mouth to stifle the scream. She probably wasn't going to make it out alive. That was obvious. Her legs were frozen into place, so she crouched into a crawl. She clawed at the walls behind her with bitten nails and the already peeling wallpaper came away at once. She screamed, lifting her head up and looked ahead of her. Her 'partner' sat in front of her, his eyes fixated on the floor.

No one dared to lift their heads and face me. Fear was a strong motivator after all. It will take you by the hand to the things you keep and guard as precious. I was fearful, once. But when shit hits the fucking fan you learn to face fear and control it.

You learn to project it onto others and diminish any chance of hope.

"Where is my intel!" I groaned to myself as I sat there impatiently.

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