Hold my hand

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I sit down in my car about to start the engine as I felt Billie look at me

"So what was going on today?" Billie said calmly looking into my eyes
"Hmm?" I responded like I didn't know what she was talking about

"Baby you know it's okay to not be okay" she said grabbing my face as I turned to look the other way

"Mamas" I look deeply into her eyes
"I'm okay" I smiled at her

She traced my lips with her fingers

I turn to face the dashboard and push the engine to start the car

As the music blasts I hear Billie's voice underneath everything although it was hard to tell I could still make out what she said.

"It's okay to still be mourning over him"

I pretended like I didn't hear her and backed out of my driveway.

We were jamming to some nice ass music

"Baby lemme change the song" she said quietly

I looked at her for a quick second making a soft smile and looked back at the road

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and handed it to her.

As I was driving she paused the music as we came to a red light

"Mami whatcu doin why you be turning niggas music off and shit?" I said in an annoyed tone

"When did you take this?" I heard her ask me

I look over to see what she was talking about and it was my lock screen of her sleepin on me

"Awhile ago" I replied smiling
She didn't do anything but smile
"Can you put your thumb in?" She asked handing me my phone

I put my thumb in and passed it back

"When did I take this?" She asked showing me a photo of her in bed wearing a lace bra

"We were on a FaceTime call and you looked real good so I took that as an advantage" I said waiting for the light to turn green

I seen her grin and bite her lip in the corner of my eye and she giggled

"Put some damn music on mamas" I said getting nervous from the silence in the car

She put on (p)ush in celebration of my album

About 7 minutes later I realized that she never gave my phone back in fact she was still on it smiling like a weirdo

"What?" I laughed nervously

I didn't have anything to hide but she was acting funny

"Why did you never send this?" She turned the phone to me

"Aye" I grabbed my phone to see it was a nude I took and saved it on Snapchat

I never ended up sending any nudes to her cause I'm not tryna catch a case I have only ever eaten her out and that was once And we've really only kissed and like cuddled.

"I mean like damn you're big baby" she said giggling
"Stop you never saw that" i closed my phone
"You didn't answer my question" she said in a sexy voice

"Mamas you know why" I said
"Yea but you still kept all mine" she said with her finger in her mouth

"Stop Baby you finna make me crash" I said
"But you did, why" I could feel her body move closer
"I- you know why stop playin mami" I said as I speed up

"Do I?" She giggled
"Yes mama now stop playin"

We pulled up to the restaurant and got out of the car we walked right next to each other as I felt her hand brush against mine

I looked at her and I was somewhat confused because we don't do this out in public

I brushed mine against hers holding onto her hand and rubbed my thumb on the back of her hand

"Is there vegan shit here?" She asked
"No idea mami but you bout to find out" I say walking to the door

"And if not it's all good me and you will go to some next place" I grinned

We got into the restaurant and sat with everyone at the booth as we ordered I noticed Billie wouldn't stop staring at me but I only looked at her in the corner of my eye.

After we ordered we all talked whilst waiting for our food

"So que remember that one bad bih who stayed over the night I asked to stay at yours and we watched like the babbadook or some shit" prince said

"Yuh why" I stopped because I felt something move up my leg moving towards my dick

"Well she said that my dick was way bigger than she expected it to be"

I laughed but got interrupted by someone talking

"Damn I know those ones" Billie said smiling at her cup

"Bro!" Prince yelled jumping out of his seat
"Wait nah nah nah did your ass really just say that?" Prince chucked

"What I said damn I know those ones" Billie looked up at prince licking her teeth

"Oh fuck nah I shouldn't legally hear this shit" Nigel says

Everyone looked at me like I did something wrong

"The fuck y'all want from me?" I said pissed off

"Ehh nothing mayne is all good just uh when did this shit occur" prince said

"Whoah whoah whoah if you think- bruh nah, nope I did not do that with- nah that never happened nope nigga you ain't good up dare" I said nervously

"Wow y'all really thought tho that's fuckin crazy" I said

Billie just giggled and shook her head

"Dude don't even pretend like nothing happened Que" Billie said

"Huh?" I said deadass confused

"I got y'all dumbasses you really believed me" Billie laughed

"But I wasn't expecting it to be that big" Billie whispered extremely low but loud enough to me to hear her

I couldn't help but grin


After we ate my album dropped and we partied back at my place where everyone just had a good time

"I'm proud of you 7 and Ro would be too you better know that" Nikita said

"Woah woah woah stop the music guys" Gawa yelled

"We needa make a toast to ro" Gawa continued

"So move your ass Que you finna talk Nigga" prince yelled

I just scanned the room and looked at everyone and looked at Billie and she just nodded her head

I cleared my throat

"Uh damn well it's been a minute without my twin my brother and my best fuckin friend imma keep making music for your ass to jam out to in heaven. I love you so much Ro and I think about you all the time. Long Live Vamp" I held my cup in the air and saw everyone else follow my gesture

I walked over to Billie and just gave her a hug

I was feeling pretty soft and even though I only become more soft from her I just needed to hug her

"You okay baby?" She asked concerned

I kissed her neck a bunch of times to avoid answering her question

"Mmm Stop Baby there are people here" Billie said grabbing my hair

My hands slide up her shirt as I feel her soft skin and quickly realized that I was to into it so I collected myself and pulled myself off her

"Why'd you stop" Billie asked
"What do you mean you told me to and there are people around" I replied

"Oh yeah I forgot" she giggled

"Let's go somewhere else then" Billie grabs my hand

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