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Patient 34
Name - Castiel Novak
Age - 28
Weight - 157 pounds
Birth - 7-14-1990
Reason - Thinking he's a fallen angel and was caught trying to pull off his finger nails for a "immortal live forever" potion.
Reported by - Brother, Gabriel Novak.
And the list goes on. Cas was schizophrenic.
Cas was still.. silent.
Or maybe it just seemed like it to the outsiders. For all Cas knew, he was going to be trapped in hell for eternity because he was a  fallen angel. They call him Crazy Cas for a reason.
I don't deserve this, I am telling the truth. I can't die. Lucifer will kill me. My thoughts lingered as I stared at the white wall. You would think being here for 3 years would be enough time to get used to this place. News flash: it's not.

I'm so uncomfortable. The stray jacket, the people, the food.... I could go on for days. This place sucks. And not to mention the bug infestation here. The guards don't even see them. Are you blind!?
Speaking of bugs, I see a huge cockroach the size of a pig crawls my way. I use the wall to work my way up to my feet. "Help!", I scream out. I start kicking the walls doing everything I can possibly do to get the guards attention.

"Hey! Quiet down in there!", One guard, Crowley, yelled back.
I wasn't going to quiet down. I continue to make noise until the bug gets too close and I start banging my head against the wall. I wasn't going to let it eat me. I'm not going to die from a bug. So if I pass out, maybe it will leave me alone. I felt dizziness and I grinned at my near success until a worker busts in. The guy jumps on me and sticks a needle in my neck. At first I was thinking he was helping me pass out, until I realized this has happened one too many times. I then start to see black and my vision fades away into the darkness.
I awake to a blinding light. Oh no!! Am I dead. Is this judgment day. I'M GOING TO HELL!! I start shaking around trying to run loose but it was like something was restraining me from moving. I keep moving and screaming. I suddenly stop at the familiar voice. Charlie.

Charlie was my nurse.
Then I realise I'm not dying the bright light was just a regular light from the infirmary. Thank Chuck. I survived!! I perch my head up to see the restraints on the table I'm lied down on, thus being the reason I couldn't move.

Charlie spoke up, "Castiel you're up! I know you hate going through this process, but you need to have some self control. Therefore, you need to go speak to your therapist."
No! I don't want to go to my therapist. I don't want to talk to someone that doesn't believe me.

"I'm sorry Charlie, but I have to refuse.", Cas replies. This conversation never ends well. But he might as well have tried.

"Castiel, you know you don't have a choice. So please just work with me. It makes my job a lot easier.", she pleaded.

As much as I hated to admit it, she was right. And Charlie was the sweetest person. So unwillingly, I sighed and nodded grumpily. An escort took me from the infirmary and proceeded to take me to my therapists office. Fucking great. My therapist was actually decent, but the problem is that he's trying to "cure" me from my schizophrenia that I don't have. That's what this whole place was. A place for not only taking care of patients, but also studying them to try to find a cure.

"Hello once again Castiel.", Dr. Winchester greeted. I stared at him annoyingly as I sat down. Dr. Winchester sighs and moved his brown hair out of his face. "Samuel.", I replied smugly. He growled in frustration. I zoned out his lecture about how his name is Sam and how it's Dr. Winchester to me. He continued on about my behavior as I stare at the cream colored walls.

Sam says something about me needing to pay attention to him. My eyes shift down to the floral flooring and then a knock on the door snaps me out of my trance. "Well then. Castiel I'll talk to you next time. Go to your escort." he says. I gladly hop up and walk out the door to the guard.
It was time to shut down for the night, so I lay down and try to get as comfortable as I can with the stupid jacket. I don't need it. How am I going to make the potion anyways with none of the other ingredients. Stupid doctors!!

As I start slowly drifting away into slumber, I hear a voice in the room. I jerk up and turn around to see a, for some reason, familiar face. It was a boy with green eyes, brown hair, and well... a perfect body if you ask me. Though the room was extremely dark, I could see faint freckles littering across his face.

After I had enough of the dead silence and the serious staring contest we were having, I decided to speak up. "Who are you?"


Hello!!! This is my first fanfic that I decided to write because I was bored. I highly doubt it will be good, but I might as well try. The chapters will be longer and... Ummmm... Have some snickers??

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