He tells you about his past

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Charlie- "Y/n i think im ready" Charlie yelled from downstairs. You were currently in your shared bedroom doing your makeup. "Ready for what Charlie" you asked. "Ready to tell you about my past Y/n. Ive been putting it off every time you ask me about it and now im ready" he told you. You just nodded. "Ok..so when i was about 10 a rumour got around about me. It was a horrible rumour that made my life a hell. This rumour followed me in high school aswell. Kids were so mean to me and singing was just something that put all of the pain away" he told you. You had tears in your eyes. "What was the rumour Charlie, you dont have to tell me if you dont want to" you said, not trying to force him to tell you. "I..ermm..its was..." he chocked out. You just hugged him, not wanting him to get more upset. "You can tell me some other time" you told him. "Thankyou Y/n" he said whilst hugging you. "Anything for my baby" you said, hugging him back.

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