16. june 21, 2019

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((a/n: lol I didn't even mean for this chapter to be uploaded in real time, technically all this would be happening today))

After spending the whole day packing about a month's worth of meticulously planned outfits and everything else Elle couldn't live without, she took her keys off their hook by the door and hopped into her car, the red beauty Harry had gifted her when she turned sixteen.

The drive to his house was about fifteen minutes, since he lived in the Hills and Elle was just outside of it. But somehow the drive had never felt longer.

She had texted him that she was on her way before leaving and he had replied with a playful "can't wait".

The drive was always a fun one though because she liked to look at all the beautiful houses, the valley girl in her alive and well as per usual. She never denied she was a spoiled rich California girl, in fact she loved every bit of it.

Elle approached the long stone driveway to Harry's large home and parked her car up by his in front of the garage. Upon getting out of the vehicle, she straightened her clothing, even though it was just a t-shirt dress, and walked up to the grand front door.

Ringing the doorbell, her heart pounded. She hadn't seen him in about a week and she couldn't take it.

The door swung open, revealing Harry, still in his suit from work, and he looked at his angel.

"Hi," she spoke with a smile.

His arms wrapped around her waist as he picked her up and swung her into the home, Elle squealing. He laughed, "You don't see me for a week and all you have for me is a 'hi'?"

She laughed loudly, playfully hitting his chest as he set her on her feet, "Are your bags in the trunk?"

She nodded, swaying slightly, "Will you help me get them?"

He smirked, placing a kiss on her forehead, "Of course, darling." The pair went out to the car and got her three suitcases, all coordinating Louis Vuitton luggage of course.

Harry brought the bags into the guest room closest to his room. It boasted a large king sized bed with ivory satin sheets and a bright interior, "Here's you room."

Elle looked around in wonder. It was beautiful and exactly her taste. The decor featured more feminine items and themes, as well as multiple angel decorations.

"Why do I feel like this room didn't always look like this?" Elle played.

Harry blushed and licked his lips, "I set it up today when I got home. I just changed the decor."

Elle couldn't help but smile at the romantic gesture, "I love it, thank you Harry."

He checked his watch and cleared his throat, "Why don't you...change into something a little nicer...I want to take you out to dinner tonight."

Elle beamed, "Where?!"

He shook his head, "It's a surprise, precious. Wouldn't want to ruin it for you."

He shut the door behind him as he left the room. Firstly, Elle unpacked into the closet before selecting a red summer dress with little white flowers on it. She quickly let her hair out of its ponytail and brushed it out straight, letting it fall over her shoulders, and sprayed a bit of perfume.

There was a bathroom attached to the bedroom, and she touched up her makeup in the ornate mirror.

She walked out and into the living room where Harry sat on the large couch, now in a different suit with a white button down underneath, unbuttoned to his chest.

When he saw her he ran his index finger absentmindedly over his lip and exhaled, "You're bad for me, you know that?"

Elle giggled, straddling his lap on the couch, kissing his jaw and chest, "Oh am I?"

His hand trailed to her bottom and as he gripped it, she could feel his rings pressing into her flesh. It hurt so good.

His head fell back as she continued to kiss his collarbones and neck, "How do you do this to me?"

Elle nibbled his ear lobe and his breath caught in his throat. In the curios nature of Elle, she wanted to see how far she could push it, "Do what, Daddy?"

His hand was instantly in her hair, pulling it in a tight grip to steady her as he held her jaw lightly in his other hand, "What did you call me?"

Her eyes scanned his face loosely, almost in a drowsy state before she replied, "Daddy."

He nodded, leaning in to her, mouth nearly touching her ear, and he spoke in a low whisper, "I just wanted to hear you say it again."


Elle ended up driving home from dinner since Harry had a few glasses of red wine, and even though he seemed only mildly buzzed, Elle insisted on alleviating any risk possible for an accident.

When they got home, Harry chuckled in his hazy state and took off his suit jacket and shirt. Elle laughed, "What on Earth are you doing?"

"We should go swimming." He stated matter of factly.

She chuckled as he scooped her up and brought her outside to the pool, "Daddy, it's dark out."

He nodded, flipping a switch that turned colored lights on in the pool, "And now it's less dark."

He began to unbuckle his belt and Elle blushed as his black boxer briefs were revealed, hugging onto his perfect ass. His pants, shoes, and socks lay in a pile on the concrete as she stared at his figure in the dim glow of the moon and pool reflection.

Her mouth couldn't help but fall open at his perfection. Suddenly, there was a large splash as he jumped in to the water. He swam to the edge and peered up at her like a child, "Well, are you going to join me?"

She bit her bottom lip slowly in thought before throwing her insecurity out the window and pulling the dress off over her head.

She kicked off her shoes and was left in her pink bra and mismatched white panties.

She sat on the edge of the pool and dipped her legs in before Harry pulled her in all the way, causing her to shriek, "It's cold!"

He laughed, spinning around. It felt as if they were the only people on earth. She stared into his green eyes and only saw adoration staring back.

Her head pressed against his chest and he swore he could die now and be happy.

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