one fateful night

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WARNING: lemon incoming read at your own risk!

when you went back into Narancia's room he asked what happened "nothing he just wanted to see if I wanted to stay the night"
"Well what did you say?" He said in a slightly seductive manner. "What do you think?" Narancia smiled and pulled you onto the bed you kissed him and in return he pulled onto your shirt then he rolled you over on your back he was on top of your lap he moved some hair behind his ear and then he started to kiss you more it got more and more intense. At some point he put his hand in your shirt and was massaging you, you did the same, you had your hand on his back and then you moved it lower and lower Narancia opened his eyes in surprise and then he had a seductive look in his eyes he pulled away "go ahead" he said in the most seductive way possible. You grabbed his ass, this made him moan just a little you kept going. Eventually he pulled away and said "is that a knife in your pocket or are happy to see me?" You looked down and he had something poking out so you said "I could say the same thing" then Narancia pulled out a real knife and said "but I'm still happy to see you". Then he got up and said "hold on" he pulled out a box of condoms and said I stole these from bucciarati one time we can you them... if you'd like to?" You looked to you member almost sticking out of your pants and then back to him and gave him a seductive look he grabbed one out and jumped on top of you then when he stared to open the condom

You say "we dont even have are shirts of slow down a little" he put the condom to the side and began to slowly take off his shirt he got back on you lap and through the his shirt on the ground you did the same and then Narancia starts to unzip your pants and take them off he did the same. Then he sat on your lap and stared to move closer and closer and then your members were touching his was smaller than yours but you rubbed them together and kept going like that until you grabbed the condom and said "now we can get down to  Business"

Narancia pulled off his underwear and he did the same to you. When he did he looked surprised and said "it's...big..." you laughed and stared to put the condom on when he stops you and says "watch this" he the puts the condom in his mouth and then rolls the condom on with his mouth. You were surprised but it felt so good so you started to moan a little. He laughed and sat right in front of it and said "I'm scared"
"Dont be just take it slow" you said to try and claim him down he did and then he lost his balance and fell on it he made a sound of pleasure and pain you grabbed on to his sides and tried to take him off when he said "no keep me like this for a little bit" you let him fall on you and then you realized how good it felt inside of him it was hot and it felt like heaven Narancia bit his lip and then fell on you he whispered "thank you" then he started to move up and down and you felt like you were already about to cum after just a little bit you came and so did Narancia he got off of you and pulled of the condom and then drank the cum from it after that he feel asleep in your arms.

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