Chapter 1

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Richard Darcy cannot fathom as to why Jacob Quinten is getting married to one of the most beautiful and sweetest woman in London. . The bastard is arrogant, selfish, and treats women as if they are a trophy and not flesh and blood.  He doesn't want to go to the wedding, but knows that Jacob is an acquaintance of his. However, he would much rather be somewhere else than that wedding. There are two reasons why he does not want to go. Reason number one, because he despises Jacob. Reason number two, because he is in love, tragically and madly, with Jacob's fiancé.

Richard wants the beautiful Rebecca Madeline for himself, knowing she is going to be better off with him than Quinton. But he has no other choice than to attend the wedding. Pushing his shoulder length black hair out of his dark blue eyes, he fixes the jacket of his black velvet uniform, and gets into his carriage that will take him to the London chapel.


As he pulls up to the Chapel 15 minutes later, Richard is stunned to notice the doors opening, and a beautiful bride rushing out of the church. His eyes pop out of their sockets as he realizes that the bride is none other than Rebecca Madeline.

Richard swallows hard as he watches her make her a scape. She is an angel. She has a halo of gold hair that is pulled up into a bun, pink cheeks, red lips, and a body that is enveloped in a gown of white and pale gold velvet. But her eyes are her most alluring future. They are a dazzling and deep purple.

Richard taps feverishly on the roof of the coach, and when it stops, nearly jumps out and rushes to her.

Rebecca stops dead in her tracks as she notices Richard. She cannot believe he is here. But why? She believes that he despises her. But he is so handsome. Shoulderlength black hair. Dark blue eyes. A muscular and strong body that is molded into his black velvet uniform.

Richard slowly approaches. Miss Madeline.

Rebecca. Mr. Darcy. What brings you here?

Richard. Quite frankly, I came to rescue you. Has  the wedding begun?

Rebecca. It hasn't even started. Honestly, I don't want it to. She looks back behind her and to the church and then back to Richard. I don't want to marry Jacob Quinton. My family just want me to marry him for the wealth.

Richards hands clench into fists. Of course, Jacob Quinton is a wealthy man. He would want any woman to be his wife. I'm so sorry, you shouldn't have to marry someone just for their money. You must marry for love.

Rebecca. And that's what I want to do. She gazes at him. I can see that you're not married yet.

Richard. No, I've not found the right woman. Instinctively, he takes Rebecca's hand. If you'd like, you can come stay with me. I have an estate in Cambridge.

Rebecca. I'd like that very much. She shivers as she feels Richard's fingers gently caress her knuckles. She doesn't want him to let go of her hand.

Richard. Well, then, let us go. There's no more point in standing around.

Rebecca. I agree.

Still Hand in Hand, they get back into the coach, get settled, and make their escape.

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