Chapter 26

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Y/N's pov:


The sound of shattered glass woke me up from my sleep.

"What the he-"

At that moment, something covered both my mouth and nose with a cloth, causing me to blackout.

My head throbbed as I looked around.

"Where am I.?" I mumbled.

"You don't need to know. " Someone replied me.

I turned around and found a few guys around my age, gawking their eyes at me.

" Did my princess wake up?"I heard a voice that sent chills down my spine. I instantly recognized that voice. Park. Jung. Ho.

He started walking closer to me, eventually trapping me against the wall.

"So you told your little boyfie about me huh?" He smirked as he pressed his body against mine.

"W-What do you mean? Woojin doesn't know any of this. " I stuttered.

" You know I hate liars right?" He glared at me with fire in his eyes. " Your boyfriend came just now and punched me right in the face, which is why I have this bruise on my face now. Since he hurt something precious to me, I'll hurt something precious to him too." He continued, with a smirk on his face.

My mind was not processing anything

Wo-Woojin knows? But how?

I was so deep in my thoughts that I didn't even realise the guys from earlier were already surrounding me.

"Wh-What are you doing?" I tried backing away, but I couldn't move since I was already trapped by them.

" Boys... Let's start the fun. " Jung ho ordered.

" Do you need me to call your boyfie?" Jung ho squatted, looking me directly in the eyes.

"G-Get away from me. " I whimpered with a tear slipping out of my eye.

He just laughed and walked away with his group of friends.

Woojin... Woojin... I need you...

I used my last ounce of energy to find my way back home.

I finally found it..

I quickly ran towards the house and unlocked it.

The boys were nowhere in sight. However, I only needed to do one thing. It was to hide in my room and stay there forever.

I scurried to my room and opened it, to find Woojin walking around the room anxiously while biting his fingernails.

I closed the door shut, and slid down it, digging my head into my knees in the process totally ignoring Woojin's presence.

I looked up with teary eyes and saw Woojin standing by the bed, right in front of me. Yet, he was looking to the side.

" Why didn't you tell me Jung ho was texting you. " He asked with coldness in his voice.

" I-I didn't want to worry you. "I said in a very soft tone.

He looked at me and for a split second, I could see his eyes filled with worry and guilt. Yet, it immediately changed back to his cold ones.

He looked back to the side, ignoring my uncontrollable sobs.

"Ca-Can yo-you please hu-hug me?" I sobbed hard.

He turned back at me again. This time, his eyes were only filled with worry.


He sighed as he slowly approached me, snaking an arm around my waist and my neck, pushing my head to his chest and slowly stroking my hair to calm me down.

"Woojin... I'm so sorry for not telling you about this. "I sobbed into his chest as I gripped the hem of his shirt tightly.

He just ignored my apology and continued calming me down.

He then broke the hug as he stared into my teary eyes.

" What did he do to you?" He asked.

I just looked at him without saying a word.

" He did exactly what I'm thinking of right?" Woojin asked again.

I nodded slowly.

Woojin's balled his fist in anger but immediately relaxed when I hugged him again.

" My poor Jagi... You're so stupid you know that? How can you always let idiots step all stupid you know over you? " Woojin mumbled and stared at me, hands wrapped around me for comfort.

"Don't worry. You're safe now Jagi. He leaned in and placed a soft kiss on my lips.

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