Chapter 21

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Y/N's pov:

*Ring* Ring*

My alarm clock rang loudly, waking me up from my deep sleep.

I looked over to Woojin who was still sound asleep and gently removed his arms that were around me.

I quickly went to wash up and exited the bathroom to find a half-asleep Woojin sitting on the bed, scratching his head cutely.

" Woojin go and wash up. "I chuckled and tossed a towel to him.

After that, we went down to have breakfast and went to school with the boys.

<Time skip>

" Okay class you're dismissed. " The teacher said and students began rushing out of the classroom dashing towards the cafeteria.

" I'll head out first. Meet you guys later. " Woojin told us, before leaving the classroom.

As we were about to leave, someone called my name.

"Ya Y/N wait for me! Let's eat lunch together!" Jung ho shouted.

Er- Sorry, she's with us. " Jinyoung said and quickly dragged me out of the classroom.

I quickly stopped Jinyoung before he walked further away and told the boys, " I'll meet you guys at the cafeteria. I need to put some stuff in my locker. " and trailed off to my locker.

When I reached my locker, I found Woojin leaning against it, with a cigarette in his hands, which made me frown.

" Since when did you start smoking?" I asked as I opened my locker.

" Since forever. But ever since you stepped into my life, I didn't crave for it anymore. I recently started to smoke again because I didn't see you for so long when you locked yourself in your room. But I'll stop smoking if you want. " Woojin said while staring at the ground.

"You don't have to stop immediately. I understand that you're undergoing a lot of stress now. If you really need it, just use it. But try your best to refrain yourself from smoking. Okay?" I held his hands and smiled at him.

"Now that I see you every day, I guess I won't be needing it. " He chuckled and threw the cigarette into the rubbish bin.

"Oh Princess, what are you doing here with this boy? I thought you were eating with Jinyoung?" Jung ho suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

"Who tf are you to call her princess?" Woojin stepped in front of me and looked down at Jung ho.

"Ya! Stop cursing. " I whispered to Woojin and lightly smacked his back so that Jung ho wouldn't hear what I said to Woojin.

"I have every rights to call her princess Why? Jealous much?" Jung ho smirked.

"Why you little bit-"

"Woojin!" I whispered again.

" Why am I even wasting time on an idiot like you? Annyeong b*tch. " Woojin smiled at Jung ho, before dragging me to the cafeteria.

" Ya! I said stop cursing. " I scolded him as we made our way to the cafeteria.

"He deserved it. " He commented and continued dragging me to the boys' table.

"Here. We bought you both food already. " Jisung pushed two bowls of noodles towards me and Woojin.

" Thanks. " We said in sync.

In the mids of eating, I suddenly felt a cold liquid oozing down my forehead.

"What the f-"


Woojin slammed the table loudly, gaining the attention from other students.

"Wtf is your problem!" He shouted at the person who poured green tea on me, which was Miyoung.

"Woojin calm down. It's just a small matter. I can just clean this up. " I tugged Woojin's hand and stood up, preparing to walk to the washroom.

Woojin shot Miyoung one last glare before holding my hand and walking to the washroom with me.

Instead of heading to the washroom, Woojin brought me to his locker.

" Here use this. "He said and gave me a hoodie. " Go to the washroom to change. I'll wait for you outside. " He continued.

I took the hoodie from him and quickly went to the bathroom to change.

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