Chapter 20

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Y/N's pov:

"Y/N ireona (Wake up) " Woojin shook me softly.

"5 more minutes... " I grumbled and snuggled into Woojin embrace.

" Fine. But only 5 more minutes. " He said as he planted a kiss on the crown of my head.

<5 minutes later>

"Ya! 5 minutes is over. You better wake up now. You're lucky that our class starts at 2 pm today. " Woojin pulled me out of bed.

"Woojin, did you go out just nov? "I asked Woojin when I saw a red hoodie on the floor.

"Oh, I almost forgot. I went to the mall to get you this. " He said and took out something from the drawer.

It was an iPhone X!

"Oh my gosh, Woojin you got me an iPhone X?! I love you so much!" I screamed and hugged him tightly. 

"I love you too. " He mumbled and pecked my forehead.

I took the phone from him and turned it on. I chuckled at the lock screen and home screen wallpaper. It was selfies of Woojin.

"Woojin did you take these?" I laughed as looked at him.

"I did. You better not change the wallpapers." He threatens me.

"Arraseo arraseo (Okay). " I said and quickly went to the bathroom to wash up.

Woojin what if Jinyoung gets mad at me?" I asked worriedly.

"Y/N he won't be mad at you. In fact, I think the boys will be really happy to see you. " Woojin assured me.

" Fine.." I sighed in defeat as Woojin dragged me out of the room.

We quietly went down the stairs and entered the living room.

When the boys saw me and Woojin coming into the kitchen, fingers intertwined together, they froze on the spot.

The spoon that Seongwu was holding slipped out of his hands as his mouth opened wide in shock.

I looked down in embarrassment.

Thankfully, Woojin broke the tension in the air. " Jinyoung, I have a confession to make. "

"G-Go on. " Jinyoung stuttered at the sight of me.

"I'm dating Y/N. " He said boldly making the boys freeze again.

"I-I Er- I- Whatever. Just take care of her. If she ever cries because of you, you're dead got it?" Jinyoung looked at Woojin seriously.

"N-Ne. "Woojin stuttered.

"And you young lady. I need some explanations. " Jinyoung looked at me.

I was now at my locker, retrieving some books when someone suddenly slammed my locker shut.

"What do you want?" I asked coldly.

"Wasn't Jinyoung getting hurt enough? Do you need Woojin to get hurt too? Why are you so stubborn? Can't you just listen to me?" Miyoung asked in annoyance.

" So it was you who sent me those childish messages?" I darted back at her.

"Ha. Getting brave here are we? " She chuckled. " Mark my words Y/N. If you don't listen to me, the next one down will be Woojin. "She cackled and trailed off to somewhere.

Aish... Why did it have to be Miyoung?

"So it was Miyoung huh? " A voice interrupted my thoughts.

" Wo-Woojin. "I stuttered at the sight of him.

" Follow me. "He said and intertwined his hands with mine, before bringing me to the rooftop.

Once we reached the locker, Woojin turned around and looked me in the eye.

"What?" I asked as I avoided eye contact with him.

"Don't even think about avoiding the boys. Especially me." He warned while pointing his index finger at me.

"B-But what if the same thing happens to you? I don't want you to be injured. I'm scared that she'll break us up. " I sighed and held his hands.

" Do you know what is the job of a boyfriend? It is to give love and a sense of security to his girlfriend." Woojin smiled at me while I looked at him in confusion.

"Don't worry Jagi. I'll protect you. " He winked.

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