Am I?

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So this takes place on your walk home after meeting Narancia, And you start think about him.

As you walked home you thought about the fun it was helping some one and how fun it was to meet Narancia. But after a while of thinking about him and who he was your mind wounded you thought about when you thought he was a girl and you thought about when you said he was cute. You didn't want to think this you have always liked girls you weren't gay... or where you? Even after you knew he was a boy you still thought he was cute, after a while you thought about what you where saying "no I'm not gay I mean there's nothing wrong with it but I'm not gay" maybe it was because you father always were anti-gay and your dad even said that if you were gay he would beat you silly and then disown you. But you still thought about him...

His darck beautiful messy hair, his eyes that always looked calm and were well beautiful, the way he spoke even if he sounded like a guy you could still hear that it was a little girly, his clothes weren't to revealing and even if they where you didn't care, and even if he was a boy his body was amazing and it made you think about him...

You looked down and saw what was really going on. You rushed home and made sure to try not to think about him any more... but you did.

Thank you for reading I know this was short but it does add to the story. So thank you again.

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