2nd part

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She opened her door
And there he was standing on her doorsteps
With decision in his eyes.
It felt like after so many decades he is looking at her with so much of intensity.

The way he look at her ....is enough for her for lifetime to survive.
His unbaised eyes giving her all the attention....she can't ask more that this...
How much she was dieing for him to see her like this....the way he see no one else.

She was fixed on the spot
Is this real or a dream.

Is he really here
But what brings him here
Something related to Naveen's case .
Or something else... something official maybe.
Or else why he will be here.

They kept looking in eachothers eyes
She felt so week in front of him
His effect on her is visible to him too.

It's Soo soothing just to look in those eyes.
The mere presence of eachother is enough for them to breath in peace.

"Andar aa sakta hun"
He asked softly to break her trance.

"Ji.......jii ayiye na"
She was confused and anxious
He had talked to her directly after an age......

And she let him in .... walking behind him after closing the door.
Leading him in the hall where her baba was reading a book.

He turned to look the visitor and stood up immediately keeping the book down

He asked in a slight unpleasant voice.

"Bina batae ane ke liye mafi chahta hun"
He joined his hands in front of him... making him calm a bit...
His father saw Naina and then Raj again.....how was standing humbly joining his hands

He showed him an empty seat ... looking at her daughter to figure out why he is here....but understood that even she is clueless.

"Kaun hai Naina"
Came her mother's voice from kitchen soon followed by herself coming out from Kitchen and stopping in her way to see him sitting in their hall.

A moment of awkward silence where no one said anything
Just looking at eachother holding their breath... Wondering why he is here.
He realized that he need to break the silence....as he was being observed by three of them.

"Kuch baat karni thi....ap dono se..."
He said gathering courage

Her mother walked few steps and sat with her husband looking at Naina asking her with gesture that why he is here.

He took a deep sigh and looking straight in her parents 's eyes said in one breath.

"Main apse Naina ka hath mangne Aya hun.....
I love your daughter"

He said not looking at her even for a fraction of sec...but from his peripheral vision...he can figure out the shock on her face.

Her mother got up immediately

"Ye Kya mazak hai"
She said in a stern voice.

"Humse ye baat Karne ki himmat bhi kaisi ki"
She said in a stern voice.
Suppressing his anger while his father was still trying to digest his words.

"Darasal ye bat ap dono se pehle mujhe Naina see karni chahiye thi."
He said looking at her for the first time....

"Par kabhi himmat nahi Kar paya...
Academy mein rehte hue...ye Meri mariyada ke bahar tha.
Par ab koi bndhan nahi hai."

She was looking at him with water in her eyes along with so many emotions.

"Par ap dono se ye bat chupa Kar...
Main khud ko aur Naina ko koi jhooti ummed nahi Dena chahta tha"

"Aur apko Kya lagta hai
Humse ye sab kehkar ....ap Jo chahe hasil kar sakte Hain"
His father raised his pitch this time.

"Humara beta humse cheenkar tasalli nahi mili...ke ab humari beti bhi"

He choked with tears....his face getting red with anger.... fingers shivering on the arm of the chair

She said for the first time.... defending him....
She can't stand her parents accusing him for a crime he never committed.
Just like she did once.

"Bilkul chup Naina"
Said her mother..... warning her daughter.

"We didn't expected this from you"
Her mother was shooting daggers on her daughter...

"Naina ki koi galti nahi hai
Isne kuch galat nahi Kiya....
Na humne kabhi isse pehle is bare mein koi baat ki hai.
Itna bharosa to karenge na ap apni beti par."

"Apse apni beti ki wakalat sunne ki zarurat nahi hai humein"
His father said with anger

"Baba please shant ho jaiye...."
She said unable to figure out how to control the situation

"Ek bar mujhe apni Puri baat Karne ka mauka to dijiye...."
He pleaded......

"Captain shikhawat....apko Jo kehna tha apne keh liya....aur humara jawab bhi sun liya....ab meherbani karke
Please leave right now....."
Said his father standing up with anger red eyes.

"Bohot meherbani apki ke apne humari ijazat Lena zaruri samjha....
Naina Zindagi bhar akeli rahe ye mujhe manzoor hai.....
Par ye rishta mujhe manzoor nahi hai
Darwaza us taraf hai....ap ja sakte Hain."

He left the hall followed by era.....

Leaving Naina and Raj behind

They stood motion less .....
For few secs.....
She was still unable to understand what happened in last 15 mins.

And as he turned to leave she ran to hold his hands... stopping him...

He looked at her
She was broken completely with chain of tears flowing down her sad eyes.
They saw each other without any defence for the first time...
Letting the other person read their emotions freely.

For the first time letting their love for other pour out from their eyes

He raised his hand to wipe those tears.
Wiping her salt water from her cheeks
Cearsing her cheek with his fingers

She closed her eyes to feel his touch.
Leaning towards his touch.

They stood like that for sometime and he left.... sobbing himself and leaving her in tears too.

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