who is this kid?

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Back story: you are an 16 year old who lives in the same town that giorno and the rest of the gang live in (I really just trying to say you live by the olive garden (i know it's not really and olive garden but let's just say it is for convenience) that the gang goes to)

You are walking down the street after school to the olive garden that you live near you were hungry and you were going to hang out with some friends. When you sit at your table you start waiting for your friends to come though the door so you don't order anything. you sip on your water and get excited when ever anyone comes though the door because its you think it's your friends but they never show up .

After a while you just think maybe I should just go home but then you see them a group of people all dressed in super weird outfits you think this should be funny so you stay just to see what could happen. One of them caught your eye more than the others, a boy who looked like he was your age he had a note book with him and he was talking to one of the other members. He had on weird clothes like the rest but you thought that he was more strange because before you heard his voice you thought he was a girl and you kinda thought she was cute.

You finally order some food and watched the group do weird things like a group who looked like that would do. You kept watching the one boy who was wearing a orange head band (I dont know what else to call it). He was doing some kind of math with another member but he seemed to be doing poorly because the man who he was doing the math with was yelling at him. "COME ON NARANCIA ITS SIMPLE MATH" he yelled at the boy
"No it's not it's hard you barley taught me this stuff! And stop yelling at me! I'm older!" He yelled back you were taken back you thought he was your age but the one who hes doing math with looks like he older (at least to me fugo looks older).

The man who was yelling said "NO I CANT TEACH YOU, YOU ALWAYS GUESS, I GIVE UP" he stormed out of the restaurant. The boy tried to stop him but he failed one of the others got up and walked to got find him and another one said "it's okay Narancia, Fugo just a little mad". the boy who you now know as Narancia sat down waiting for the man you now know is named Fugo to come back. You felt bad for the kid you didn't know what to think you almost felt as though you should help him but that would be weird. After you finished your food the other members of the group got up and one said "alright I guess we have to find Fugo, come on Narancia". He didn't get up he just sat there and said "I dont want to just go find him without me" the rest just left and left. Narancia just sat there and he started to do some work, you thought mabey I should help him so you walked over there and said "um hello?"
"what do you want?" Narancia said with anger and sadness "uh I just saw you doing some work and I thought you might want some help?".
His eyes widened "um s-ure, here you can sit down" you helped him with his math for what seemed like hours and you thought him a lot. You checked the time it was 5:00 you had to get home, thankfully so did Narancia so you both went your separate ways but before you left he asked "uh I never got your name"
"Oh its (y/n)"
"Well thanks (y/n)"

Thank you For reading and I hope you liked I will be making more parts. Tell what you thought was good or bad tell me what you think I should do etc.

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