Swamp Demon

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Mia: Where are you?

Toya: Still looking for the cabin!

Toya: Ugh!

Mia: Are you following my directions or your GPS?

Toya: Both?

Mia: I told you the GPS would take you the wrong way!

Toya: Dude, your directions suck!

Toya: Turn right at the red barn?

Toya: I've seen like 20 red barns!

Mia: 🤣😆😂

Toya: I can't believe I even agreed to come out here with you this weekend!

Mia: Whatever, you know you want to split that 20k prize with me!

Mia: 🤑

Toya: That's the only reason! LOL!

Mia: A weekend out in the swamp will be great!

Mia: No internet, no guys, and no stress!

Toya: Yeah, who needs YouTube or hot guys when you're hunting the Swamp Demon?

Mia: 😆😂

Mia: You say hunting like we have to catch it.

Mia: All we need is legitimate evidence.

Mia: A picture, DNA, you know, some kind of proof.

Toya: DNA?

Toya: "Um, excuse me? Mr. Swamp Demon? Do you mind if we swab the inside of your cheek?"

Toya: 😂🤣

Mia: LOL!

Mia: The picture is probably going to be our best bet.

Mia: Well, a video would be even better!

Toya: *fingers crossed*

Toya: What time does this whole thing officially kick off?

[Mia looks down at the flier in her hands.

Mia: We can start looking tonight at sundown.

Mia: So, you've got like an hour to get here!

Mia: LOL!

Toya: Perfect! I should be there in like 25 mins.

Mia: Woot woot!

Mia: 🎉🎉🎉

Toya: How many people have signed up?

Mia: Last I checked, there were 27 teams.

Toya: I heard Emmett and some of his friends are coming up...

Toya: They want in on that prize money!

Mia: Well, we're going to beat them to it!

Toya: Let's hope so!

Mia: I've already got everything packed into the Jon boat.

Toya: Jon boat?

Mia: Yeah, the fishing boat my aunt let us borrow.

Mia: It's called a Jon boat.

Toya: Ah, gotcha.

Toya: #LearningtheLingo

Mia: LOL!

Toya: Tell me the description of this thing we'll be looking for one more time.

Mia: Allegedly, it has a mixture of human and reptilian features, red glowing eyes, scales covering most of its skin, but two legs and arms.

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