Stain Ft. Aizawa Shota

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He wasn't interested in her because her morals were amazing. She as a person was amazing, so how could he not love her? It was true that she was much younger than him, but did age really matter?

{Yes, it does}

Stain jumps from roof to roof, watching her as she walks home from school. He had done this action plenty of times before, but this time something was different. She was walking home with some man. He had long black hair and had a bit of facial hair. Stain soon realizes that this is the ever so famous Eraserhead, or Aizawa Shota. The villain grimaces, watching as they walk together. She was a third year and he was a first year teacher, why the hell were they walking together? They shouldn't even know that each other exist! Stain's heart nearly drops when he sees the two kiss.

He was not happy, not in the slightest.


"Shota!" (Y/n) yelled out as he taught the Hero Killer. Stain growled under his breath as the hero erases his quirk and knocks his sword out of his hands. Aizawa glared at the villain, his eyes shielded.

"What do you want with (Y/n)?"

"That's precisely it. I want her."

Aizawa grits his teeth as Stain comes at him swinging, but he ends up missing his shot.

"Too bad, villain."

This fight was going to last awhile and either way it wasn't going to end well for the young hero in training.

{Me, the one person in my friend group that likes Stain, can anyone else relate?

Also, in case you couldn't tell I really like writing Yandere love triangles!}

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