He rolled his eyes as he stood up ready to leave the room "I still find it ridiculous."

"Prince Loki.."

He was immediately stopped in his tracks when a voice and a blurred image of someone slammed inside his head, he scrunched his eyebrows and held onto the wall as he placed his hand on his forehead, Wanda jumped to her feet in action and placed a hand on the god's back, her heartbeat was racing once more and this time she made sure to tell Thor instantly if the man before her faints once again.

"Are you okay?" The sorceress asked with her eyes widened, Loki's breath then slowly came back to normal and he nodded, his hands went back to his side as he leaned on the wall "I should definitely tell Th-"

"No!" The prince cut off before she could even finish her sentence, he held onto her wrist firmly but gently as to not hurt her, she gave him a glare and tilted her head to the side as if telling him she won't listen "I'm well, just a headache! We've been on this ship for hours! Not to mention how slow it is."

She rolled her eyes at his excuse "I told you not to do that, the whole don't tell Thor thing."

"It's because you should not!" He replied

"Then tell me what really happened! I know it's not some random headache, and you of all people shouldn't be the one getting nauseous on this ride."

Loki stared at the woman before him as she raised her eyebrows and crossed her arms, she was not going to let this pass anytime soon, it's either he tells her or she tells Thor who would ask the same thing and be overprotective of him once again. He sighed internally, he's had bigger problems than this, his mother and sister in Valhalla must be laughing at him now, blocked by some Midgardian sorceress.

"Very well." He sighed "But you must swear on your word to not tell Thor anything unless it truly is serious, and by that, I meant what happened last time, deal?"

Wanda smiled before giving a small nod "Deal."

The god sighed once again before breathing deeply, it's not so him to be honest, he has lied most of his life, either by telling the truth or manipulating it, either way, he doesn't give in to telling the truth like he was right now, if he didn't know any better he'd say she was actually a bad influence on his dark and dramatic life, but everyone needs a little twist.

"It was just a voice in my head calling out, not Thanos or any of those nightmares." He explained as he looked at the sorceress in front of him just listening "It was rather calm, and hopeful, like a child's plea."

A small shine sparkled in her eyes at the mention of hope and kids "Well that must be good then! Just a voice?"

He hoped it was, but things don't always happen the way you want them to happen, the prince sighed and shook his head.

"No." Loki replied before crossing his arms "An image of a little girl, smiling like she was talking to someone."

Wanda raised her eyebrows, well that doesn't sound bad at all, yet why was it like that? A little girl calling his name for no absolute reason, and she thought her life was weird.

"What does she look like?" She continued asking

Loki then raised one of his eyebrows at her before leaning back on the steel wall "Is this an interrogation of some sort?"

The sorceress could only glare at the god's quip as he tried to stop from smiling "Just answer the damn question."

He sighed, there goes my bruised reputation, following a Midgardian's words and being as gentle as possible, if he told his older self that he'd be doing this he'd probably laugh or be angry stating that no one can do that to the powerful Loki, yet here he was being swayed by a mortal girl.

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