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I wonder what they're talking about?

Karino-sama and Ren-sama is laughing like they're having so much fun.

But oh well! They're so cute, anyways. So I can't help my laughter before continuing to walk to my usual seat.

Like the usual, with little kids gathering around me, flattering me. Even though it's fake I can handle it as long as they're cute.
Who cares if they only want connection it's not like I control our family anyway. I'm just 12 okay?! 12.

Feeling myself full, I stood up ready to go home. I just visited here to fill my empty stomach anyway. So there's nothing to do now.

But what I didn't expect was to see someone block my path before I can go out the door.


A little boy in our uniform stands before me but it looks like he's not a pivoine member.

More importantly, why is he blocking my path?

It's not like I'm the 'Megami-sama' he's talking about. I'm Ariadnna Edelfelt, okay?
But I can't see anyone at my side though, okay, so let me help.

Ara~ara~ being a good student is really tiring. Sigh.

"Ara~ such anxiousness, why is it so? Take a breath first okay? Or do you want to come in and sit?" I smiled with good will.

He's anxious and he's shaking while his face is red, okay? What happened to this kid? Maybe he's sick that's why he's calling his friend 'Megami'  and got lost?

Oi! Oi! Stop shaking your head. It's gonna fall off.


"Yes?" Smile.


"Hmm?" Smile.


He slowly lifted his head and I smiled more softly to not scare him away but his face paled.

Ara? Is he gonna pass out? In front of me?

"Is there something wrong? I can help you with it." It'll be a problem if he's gonna pass out, I can't carry him alright?

Hmm~ but maybe I can get some help just in case. Looking around, I swiftly toss that idea aside. Like I can get those two empires to help! There's no one else except them here!

Sniff. Huk. Sniff.

I froze when I heard a small cry. Stiffly turning my head at the side, I saw the little boy who has tears in his eyes ready to fall down.

I feel like there's a big rock that just fell in my head and I think I can also heard the thunderstorm coming.

What happened? Why is he crying?

I didn't do anything wrong did I?

"Ara~ara~. Why are you crying?" I smiled gently but I can feel my lips twitch.

Why are you crying anyway?! Your the one who wants help here and your the one who cried?! I'm not running a Charity Empire, okay?


I froze when he finally cried and hastily ran away from me.
Ara? Ara-ara?




Now I feel like the one running. What's going on?! And what's that tone they're using?!

With a forced smile, I turn around only to see their shock and amaze faces.

Let's...gulp. Let's get out of here......

I don't know what's happening anymore....

"Ara~ara~ I let you see something bad. I'm sorry." I slightly bowed with a slight smile.

They saw me froze like a statue okay?! And that's bad! So bad, it's embarrassing.


"Well then, If you'll excuse." I turn around and continue to walk outside.

Arriving at a dark corner, I let out a sigh of relief.

"Fwahh~ that's scary~" those empires are looking at me like a prey...Brrr.

I think it's time to go home now.

Hmm~ I wonder how's that boy doing?

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