Chapter 12

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"What the hell guys? I am here." Jimin came out. "I was actually clearing up some men in the bathroom." He said.

"Oh my god. You made us worried."

"Yeah, we thought they took you." Hoseok said. Taehyung chuckled. "You all did good." Jungkook said. "Y'all" Jimin said.

"How can they take me? I'm the strongest one after Jungkook and Jung Hoseok here."

"Yeah. They would've kidnap the weakest one."

Something in jungkook heart tingled as he went down towards the basement. "I hope.. she's fine.." He opened the door and there sat you, all shook.

"I thought someone came here to kill me!" You panicked as you touched your outer-heart area. "I'll never let that happen."

Seeing a cut on his face and his sweaty forehead made you worried. "Kook." You said as he smiled, approaching you. "Come here." You whispered as he sat with you. "Oh jungkook..." you caressed his cheek and he just stared at you.

"Thank the lord. You're fine.." His eyes went up your lips to your nose and then your eyes.

There was a moment of silence. It was just you and him. Until you heard a loud blast.

"Jungkook!" RM said through the communicating device as you glanced at him, worryingly.

He went out and locked the door from the outside, running upstairs.

"What happened?!" He asked. "Jungkook. My device fell down and broke. I was about to say that some people were alive and they were going towards the basement."

"Fuck it."

Jungkook again, ran down worriedly.

Please... please be safe. Please be there, please. He thought. Pleading with his heart.

He opened the door again with a loud thud,

And you was no where to be seen. You weren't on the bed nor the room. The window was broken and he knew, he fucked up.


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