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Graysons POV
it was a basic Monday morning I ran downstairs as I threw on my black leather
jacket and grabbed my bag as Im running out the door my mother shouts "have an amazing day sweetie" I roll my eyes and quickly walk over to Lindsey's car, she's my best friend and a crazy weirdo just like me and that's probably why we get along so well

I sit in her 1952 Chevrolet, and reach into my bag grabbing a cherry flavoured lollipop. Unwrapping it and carelessly throwing it into my mouth while I ball up the wrapper in my fingers stuffing it into my pocket.

"hey g!" her naturally raspy voice says in excitement "hey lindsey" I say chuckling
"There's a new student joining our high school today" she says in excitement yet again.

I never understand why she's always so excited, but I can't complain I like that she's happy

"cool" I reply smiling "do you think he's gonna be hot?" she adds smirking "lin we don't even know if it's a guy" I laugh
"well it could be, which means we both have a chance" she says winking I laugh again I'm not openly gay but lindsey does know, which I am ok with because I trust her

we finally pull up at school and
she parks we both grab our bags and walk in, our lockers are next to each other so it's kinda perfect,plus we are both straight A students so what can go wrong. we may get picked on but we honestly can care less, Lindsey is more on the mischievous side she likes getting into trouble but she still gots the smarts so she doesn't really mind.

we are waiting by our lockers for the bell to ring, but all of a sudden everyone in the hallway goes silent, a tall boy with a tight leather jacket hugging his large biceps, his dark hair messily combed upwards, his deep hazel eyes glistening In the light, and a sharp Jawline that looked like it could cut diamonds walks down the hallway.

it was like he was in slow motion like the movies, girls fainting at the sight of him, his charming face winking at girls as he continued to walk "woah who is that" I whisper "I have no clue, but he's so dreamy" lindsey whispers back
"I don't know dude something about him gives me the chills"

another voice adds scaring us both "Anton!" I whisper yell punching his shoulder "what?!" he reply's with a growing smirk as he chews on his bubblegum obnoxiously "you scared us" Lindsey adds giggling, Anthony is our other 'friend' I say it like that because he's a very strange person he just randomly pops up at times but we don't really question it

*RINGGGG* (A/N idk why but that made me laugh)
"well that's the bell, see you guys at lunch" i say grabbing my book while I walk to class, all of a sudden I feel a grip on my wrist, "what the fuck Anto-" i say turning around realizing it wasn't him. It was the new guy, "umm hi?"
I say awkwardly removing my
Wrist from his hand he doesn't say anything he just takes the lollipop from my mouth and sucks on it "thanks kid,cya around" he says winking and walking away

what the fuck just happened-

sorry this was so short, let me know if your liking it and I'll make more :)

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