Chapter 32

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Keith took a deep breath as his soulmate sat on the couch across from him.

Lance winced as a sharp pain shot through his head. The pain was awful, he had to shut his eyes before anything.

Keith watched as Lance did so before going through the same thing.

"I'm sorry." Lance sighed.

"Why?" Keith questioned. "Why did it happen? How did it happen?"

"When I went to get a drink from the stand, Allura was in line as well. And she just happened to be the last one there so I got stuck behind her. She started say things that pissed me off." Lance growled and clenched his hands. "I told her to shut up multiple times but she wouldn't. So when I had enough I ended up shouting at her as I did she started looking around and that's when she grabbed my shirt and kissed me. Keith I would never do something like this to you and you know it."

Keith thought for a moment. "What was she saying?"

Lance looked down ignored the question.

"Lance." Keith said moving closer to the boy and cradled Lance's face in his hands. "What was she saying?"

"Don't make me repeat it." Lance pleaded. "Please."

Keith thought for a moment. He wanted to know what Allura said that made Lance like this. This wasn't Lance. But he knew what he should do.

"Fine." Keith sighed leaning his forehead against Lance's. "I won't make you tell me now. But promise me you'll tell me when you're ready."

"I'm promise." Lance said intertwining his hand with Keith's.

The two males sat in silence for a moment before Lance spoke.

"I'm so sorry." Lance said his voice cracking. "I promised I wouldn't hurt you but I did. I fucked up. I didn't push her away."

A tear ran down Lance's face another following after.

Keith lifted his hand, the one that wasn't intertwined with Lance's hand, and wiped away the tears.

"Lance." Keith spoke softly. "I should be the one apologizing."

"Why?" Lance whispered.

"I didn't give you a chance to explain. And for that I'm sorry." Keith whispered.

"I guess we both have something to be sorry for." Lance said.

"I don't blame you. Well not anymore." Keith said giving Lance a kiss on his forehead. "Now that I know the truth. We can move on. What's done is done."

"You don't hate me?" Lance questioned.

"Honestly Lance. You could do so much worse and I still don't think I could hate you." Keith smiled gently.

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