Chapter Three "The Dayshift"

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Rockstar Chica's Point of View

     Well one more minute until the children come! I can't wait to get pizza in my suit, hear the annoying screaming, poop on the floor and trash everywhere. This day will be so fun! 

      I was walking to the stage when I overheard Foxy and Freddy flirting with each other like always, because of that I walked in to let them know that the children are about to arrive. 

"Hello mammals, the kid-..." I stopped in mid-sentence to them wearing each others clothing.

Freddy look extremely nervous then said what every average person would say. 

"I could explain" he said shaking while sweat drip from his head. 

     Foxy looked at me also seemly scared, "Me and Freddy were playing a game where we were imitating each other for fun" .

"Umm okay then, but the children will be here soon..actually they are at the door right now!"

     I left the room and slid across the floor surprisingly not hitting a thing, and climbed on stage. Freddy and Foxy were taking off the others clothes and at the same time trying to get to their stage. Soon, Freddy came on stage with me and Bonnie catching his breath. 

Bonnie looked at the clock and started to count down "Three , two and o-." 

      The door swung open letting five, four, six and seven year old running to the game room, to the dining room and to the stage. Parents were behind them trying to catch up to their balls of energy.  

Rockstar Freddy's Point of View ~

     I did my normal introduction today's show, "Hello boys and girls of all sizes to Freddy's Pizzeria!" 

 Children all around were cheering and clapping and soon faded as me, Bonnie and Chica began the songs we play everyday. We played songs like Old McDonald, F.U.N song and surprisingly Twinkle Twinkle little star to five and six year olds! The song I liked to play was the Cordettes' Mr.Sandman. In addition, it's Foxy's favorite song especially when I sing it.


      The kids are at Foxy's cove right now and some are at the game area playing on the machines, so that gives me time to take a quick break before the next show starts. I went to find Bonnie and Chica to see if they want to play Dos, a card game. While heading backstage I heard two staff member chattering, so I hid behind a self to eavesdrop on their conversation.

One of the men, who sounded younger, said "I'm sorry but I tried to call them but they didn't answer the phone!"

The second man who was older replied "Then somebody needs to go there and get the newbie or boss will kill us!"

"How come you can't go there and get it?"

"Because, I'm the day time security guard! If I don't show up I'm f**cked"

"But I'm the n-....okay I'll go get it"

Footsteps wear heading toward my way, I crawled slowly backstage waiting for the man to walk by. In  the meantime I was thinking about the newbie that they were arguing about. We already have enough people in this place!

No one Point of View~

Freddy felt a hand on his shoulder making him jump and turn around. He expected to be one of the staff but it was just his friend Bonnie. "Hey Fred' the show is about to start" Bonnie said having his guitar in hand. 

"Oh Okay thanks for letting me know" Freddy got his microphone and walked onto stage. Chica was already there with her maracas looking at the red curtains that were about to open. Freddy was still thinking about the conversation. 

Should he tell Foxy? Should he tell Bonnie and Chica? All thoughts were running through his head until the lights from the room in front of the show stage blinded him for a  few seconds before revealing all the children and parents who were waiting for the next show. With that, the trio began to play the next few sets of songs for the group.

~Later that Night~

Bonnie and Chica was playing Dos just by themselves in one of the party rooms while Freddy is on stage reading a book. Patchy, the parrot that is Foxy's pet, flies to Freddy squawking.

 "Freddy Fazbear! Foxy needs ya in his cove!" he repeated over and over.

Freddy closed his book then stood up stretching. Patchy sits on his shoulder pecking the bear's cheek. Freddy smiled and headed toward Foxy's cove to see what could he want from him. 

Freddy thought for a few moments "Does he know about the newbie?" "Did his cove get tampered with again"

Freddy walked up to the cove and looked at it and then spoke out, "Foxy, I'm here."


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