54: Truth Revealed

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Gundhram regained consciousness after nearly twenty minutes of waiting.

"Will you be able to walk?" I asked him.

Gundhram stood up unsteadily. "Yes—however, my strength is not at full capacity."

Martin steadied Gundhram, throwing an arm around Gundhram's waist and taking Gundhram's arm around his shoulder. "I'll help him. I owe him that for taking care of Katie."

"Where have you taken us, Ra?" Elossai asked sternly.

"North from the Plateaus, Elos." Gundhram retorted. Clearly the two did not like each other.

"No more arguing," Katie said. She then turned to Elossai and said, "Gwen, he's my friend."

"Gwen?" Martin asked.

"She looks like Gwendolyn," said Katie.

"Your doll back home?" Martin placed his hand on Katie's head, and she nodded. Now that Katie mentioned it, I did see the similarities—especially after Elossai matured.

"Gwen." Martin looked at Elossai, trying out the new nickname Katie bestowed on Elossai. Elossai blushed. "So, I guess we missed our ticket back to Earth, right?"

"Just this one," Elossai replied.

"What now? Do we wait for the next one?"

"We can't wait around here for this one. With the Ora map that Sye-Liene stole from the Ra, we should be able to locate another one for the following month," she answered.

"The first step is to get moving," Gundhram said gruffly.


After a short deliberation, we decided to head north. The winning argument was that Stanjah and the soldiers wouldn't expect it. If we returned to Tau City to try to catch a ride out of town, we'd be caught. Gundhram suggested that we make our way through the forest to the country of Olouri, which was north of Todaj. I pulled out the locket I stole from Razelle so that I could use the compass and then we were on our way.

We walked for a long period in silence. It was exactly what I needed so that I could make sense of the memories I had acquired, my emotions, and everything that happened.

I didn't know how Keiran felt about this new revelation, or whether or not he believed that I really had no knowledge of the fact that I was Sye-Liene upon meeting him at Hemley. On top of that, I had attacked Ilta—a trusted soldier and friend of his. I sincerely hoped that Ilta wasn't hurt too badly.

Regardless of whether he knew or not, I'd been on Hidelvus' side and was therefore a traitor in the eyes of Ilta. Once Ilta revealed that to Stanjah, it would go straight to Dunek Anmus and then I would be a traitor to all Ankinia.

"Sye-Liene Anmyn?" Elossai gently tugged my arm. I didn't respond right away. Perhaps I still wasn't used to that name.

"Huh?" I uttered.

"You are troubled. Would you like to discuss it?"

I let out a long sigh. "If I never see Keiran again, I just hope he doesn't think that I knew all along."

"You will see him again."

"How can you be certain?"

"If you're trying to find the Crystals, your paths will inevitably cross," she said with a warm smile.

"Guess the plan is to get to the next Ora point?" Martin asked Gundhram. They didn't hear what Elossai and I were discussing.

"That's correct," Gundhram answered.

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