52: Life and Death

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We stood in a gray room with no windows and no doors. Right away I knew this was the place I had seen in my dreams.

"Why are we here?" I asked with a trembling voice.

"I do not know, Sye-Liene. You brought us here," Razelle said.

In front of us appeared the lone mirror. I looked behind and there were the two mirrors with Sye-Liene and Lise-An in the reflections. I was drawn to Lise-An's hollow expression. Why was she like that?

"This is the place of your deepest conflict. Your mind has created it, and only your mind can solve it," said Razelle. "Master Hidelvus said that you must make contact with yourself, so go to Sye-Liene's mirror and touch it. There, your memories should return to you. I will be here waiting until you are finished." Razelle took the locket out of my hand and I felt panicked. She was taking away my only way out of here.

How am I supposed to get memories from Sye-Liene if I'm not her?

"It's not going to work." I shook my head.

"You only think that because you don't know the truth. You doubt that you are Sye-Liene because of your appearance. Touch Sye-Liene's mirror." Razelle repeated.

"What about Lise-An?"

"You won't find the answers with her because she no longer exists."

That answer didn't satisfy me. I stood in front of Lise-An's mirror and looked at the blank expression on her face. Maybe that's why she never seemed to react. She was dead because Sye-Liene had pushed her into the Ora.

"If you don't believe me, put your hand into her mirror and see for yourself," Razelle said, sounding annoyed.

I reached into Lise-An's mirror and memories flooded my mind. I saw her last moment when Liene attacked her and tried to push her into the Ora. Then I saw Lise-An grab a hold of Sye-Liene, and they both fell in.

Lise-An's reflection disintegrated along with the mirror, crumbling into a pile of dust.

"She's dead," I said, breathlessly.

"Yes, she is. Sye-Liene Anmyn, you know what you must do now," Razelle said.

Reluctantly, I walked over to Liene's mirror and placed my hand in—prepared to face whatever it was that awaited me.

Sye-Liene looked back at me and a crooked smile crept onto her face. She grasped a hold of my arm and dragged me into the mirror.


I was no longer in the gray room with Razelle. I was falling. Falling within the Ora.

An overwhelming pain was throbbing in my leg. I looked down and saw that Lise-An's corin-enhanced dagger was sunk in my calf.

Lise-An was reciting an incantation while holding the hilt of the corin dagger that I had plunged into her left side. As she recited, another sharp pain burned onto the middle of my back. I felt the characters etch onto my skin—stroke by stroke. Lise-An was trying to leave clues behind on my skin.

"No!" I screamed, violently.

I reached down to my calf grabbing hold of the hilt of the corin dagger firmly. "I invoke the energy of corin," I recited quickly, drawing energy from the corin dagger to pull it out. "As I will it, loosen." The energy boiled within my stomach and I braced myself before I pulled the dagger out from my flesh. Blood gushed out from my open wound and floated away in small puddles like liquid mercury.

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