Chapter 38

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Arrival of the Storm

On leaving the apartment, she made her way home swiftly before dropping by a store and buying ingredients for a lasagna before getting home and starting to put the shopping away in the kitchen, the others busy doing other things around the house while she prepared to start cooking, cleaning up the kitchen and the dining table beforehand then checking on the others, whom where all watching movies, Felix and Lila both in their regular feline forms, watching an action anime with Happy and Lily, Wendy and Carla with them, she smiled gently before going back to the kitchen.

"You're home later than usual" Tiger spoke as he entered the kitchen behind her.

"I had to do some shopping for dinner tonight, and some extra studying at the library to keep up with the others in class" she told him with a small smile, not wanting to tell him about the earlier events.

"And I started planning for Friday..." she told him as she then looked back to the stove as she began preparing the ingredients.

Tiger watched her for a moment before lightly patting her head gently, he then silently began helping with dinner. The night passing by uneventfully as did the next morning, Hoshi letting the twins stay home from school and other things they would usually do as their school was closed for 'repairs'. Hoshi continued on her way to school, arriving earlier than her friends, the other students taking notice the distant look in her eyes as she walked through the halls, mumbling protection spells under her breath before heading to the class room and sitting down in her seat, frowning slightly as she pulled out her phone and set a timer as she rubbed her chest, her hair falling over her eyes as the class filled up with the other students and her friends all taking notice of how tense she looked compared to the day before.

The lessons seemed to pass by slowly as the day went on and whenever there was any break, Hoshi always left the room before anyone could speak to her as she checked the perimeter of the school and strengthened the protection runes, adding more over the entire of the high school building along with the other buildings on the land so they would only hear the rain the next day.

During this, her friends all stood within the 3rd music room and watched from the windows as she walked around waving her hand in the air while she talked on the phone, a determined look on her face as she headed for the doors that would lead her back inside as she hung up.

"Now, all I do is wait..." she spoke to herself as she walked through the halls and back to the classroom as their next class was about to begin when she walked into Kyo as he too was walking there.

"Hey there carrot top, you gonna be okay with the rain tomorrow?" she asked as they walked next to each other.

"Hmm? What do you mean?" he asked as he looked at her, seeming a little distracted.

"With the rain, I saw your face when I told you all about the rain storm tomorrow..." she spoke as she put her mobile back in her pocket, having checked the time.

"Don't fret, it won't last long, just during the classes, it'll have stopped by the time everyone heads home"

"How can you know that? Besides, the weatherman on the news said it'd be warm and sunny" he told her as he frowned.

She chuckled lightly and tapped the side of her nose.

"Trust me, I know. Anyway, how are you finding your time here at Ouran?" she asked as they neared the classroom.

"It's school, but I will say it's big enough to get lost in, and the view from the rooftop is nice" he commented, his hands behind his head.

"Don't tell the others I said that" he told her as his eyes turned to look at her.

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