Chapter 35

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Day at the Beach

On picking up the bus, Hoshi picked up her friends from her house first, Haruhi with a bag on her back before they all boarded the bus, Hoshi then drove to the Host club members houses, picking each of them up before picking up the Sohma's that had been over for dinner the night before.

"I can't believe you actually hired a bus" Kyo commented, sitting in a seat next to Hatsuharu.

"Yes, isn't it expensive?" Yuki asked.

"Don't worry about it, we're all going to the beach after all" she told them as she drove, keeping in her male disguise.

The drive took a while which was why Hoshi had picked them all up so early in the day, Kyoya had still been half asleep when Hoshi had half carried him out with his bag. He was now awake and eating a snack which Hoshi had put onto a tray in front of him.

With everyone on board, Hoshi drove the bus to a beautiful clear beach where it was just their group as far as they could see.

Hoshi parked the bus when they arrived and took out the large beach umbrellas she'd gotten and started setting them out for everyone as they got their bags out and approached the beach while Hoshi more of the beach equipment out of the bus.

"Big 'brother', do you have any toys we can play with?" Felix asked as he ran up to her.

"Of course" she smiled at him and ruffled his hair before pulling a bag out from the storage area of the bus.

"Let's go" she smiled as she locked the storage compartments and walked to where everyone was before she pulled out spades and buckets along with a volleyball net and ball.

Hoshi set the net up a little away from the umbrellas, Tiger helping out as Usagi ran around them with the ball. Tatsui sat with Juvia as they spoke in hushed whispers, Hoshi having told them they couldn't manipulate the water while her school friends were there. Lucy was sunning herself as were the other girls while the boys were busy talking of school while glancing towards the girls as they sunbathed, that was until Hoshi cleared her throat and gave them a warning look before they looked away.

She sighed softly and shook her head as she finished setting the net up before moving to set up a tether ball further away at the other end of the umbrellas, Felix, Lila, even Wendy and Honey-senpai were all starting to build sandcastles together while Mori watched them, mainly Honey-senpai.

Once everything was set up, Hoshi went to the bus and pulled out the esky with drinks inside before locking the bus again and moving back to the others.

Hoshi smiled as she watched everyone enjoying themselves, her Celestial spirit friends even swimming in the ocean at times while generally hanging out with everyone.

"Big brother, I need to go to the toilet" Felix spoke as he had ran up to her, Lila too.

"Alright, I'll take you both. You guys behave while I'm gone" she called out to the others as they looked at her as she headed off with the two to the toilet block she had parked not too far from.

She entered the empty block with them and made sure they were safe before stepping back outside to keep watch as they went to the bathroom to relieve themselves. She glanced around to continue watching the others down on the beach before looking into the toilet block.

"You two okay in there?" she called out to them.

"Yeah, almost done" Lila called out.

"Me too" Felix called from the male side, the sound of toilet paper tearing.

The two of them walked out shortly after and she helped them wash their hands before they all walked back to the others, the twins running to the water.

"Hey Hoshi" Haruhi spoke as she approached Hoshi.

"Yeah Haruhi?" she asked.

"Is the toilet block safe?" Haruhi asked as Hoshi nodded.

"Yeah, but I'll keep an ear out for you while you go if you like" Hoshi smiled at her.

"Ah, yes please" Haruhi nodded before heading off, Hoshi watching her go.

She listened out for Haruhi as she looked back to the others, making sure everyone was in view before turning to look back at the toilet blocks, barely a minute going by when Haruhi returned to join the group on the sand. Everyone played with the beach equipment while Hoshi continued to watch over them before moving to sit under one of the umbrellas for a bit. Looking around at the others, she took notice that everyone was enjoying themselves, Tiger himself was taking pictures of everyone as they posed or played together as the day wore on.

Eventually they all stopped to prepare to leave before watching the sunset together before boarding the bus once again, everyone dozing from the busy day as Hoshi drove them back to her place for dinner of fish and chips before eventually dropping them off to the respective homes after they all had showers or baths at her house too. Leaving the others at home while she herself returned the bus after cleaning it out then going home herself and putting the younger ones to bed before sitting down in the kitchen with a cup of tea to ease her mind and stomach.

"Feeling sick?" Lucy asked as she entered the kitchen to get a glass of water.

"Not really, just an uneasy feeling for the upcoming week" Hoshi smiled gently at her as she held the cup between both her hands.

"Uneasy feeling?" Lucy asked as she sat across from her.

"Yeah, I just feel like I'm going to be running around all week, and I'm also a little tired from today. Did you have fun?" Hoshi asked.

"Yeah, it's nice going to the beach every once in a while and spending it with friends" Lucy smiled gently before sipping her water.

"Too bad the others weren't here to enjoy it too"

"Don't worry Lucy, once I've taken care of everything, we'll go back to Fiore, to Fairy Tail, with Lila and Felix too, I'm not going to leave them behind" Hoshi told her with a wink.

"Will you fit everyone in your house once you move back? Especially with all your spirits here" Lucy questioned.

"Hopefully I can fix that before it gets life threatening"

"Life threatening?" Lucy asked, worried.

"Yeah, you remember what happened with Loke..." Hoshi frowned slightly as she sipped her tea.

"I couldn't bear the thought of that happening to Tiger and the others because of me..."

"You knew about Loke?" Lucy asked.

"Yes, but I couldn't do anything to help him because he avoided me after I confronted him, I promised to keep his secret as a Celestial Spirit, only because I care so much about all Celestial Spirits" Hoshi spoke as she looked at her before finishing her tea.

"Come on, we should head to bed, it's getting late" she spoke as she stood up and cleaned the cup at the sink before putting it on the side, doing the same with Lucy's glass once she too was done, they both then went up to bed as everyone else had already gone to bed while Hoshi had returned the bus.

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