The need to understand

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A groan of pain, Alexandre slowly regained consciousness. On seeing him open his eyes, Hitomi and Meinmet sighed in relief.
Noting that, Van and Yiris, stayed behind, left the room and began to talk in the hallway.

"What happened?" The King asked.
"Honestly, I don't know. This man is sometimes really strange. Before, he repaired my melef. Then, in front of the grave, he fainted. Each time, he looked like he was sleepwalking."
"Why did you brought him there?"
"I have to understand, comedy has lasted long enough! I wanted to confront him with what it seems to be. You know, for me, it becomes intolerable. I saw a dead person smiling to me, I cannot bear to see him risen up from the grave and talk to me as if nothing had happened ..."
"We talked about that one hundred times, but are you sure of not having dreaming?"
"No, I swear on my honor and even on my life! It was ten years ago, your brother's opened his eyes and smiled at me. I know it hasn't any sense, it's impossible, but still ... Looking at this man is nonsense too! But, yet you see him like me..."
"It's a fact ..." Van sighed. I'm lost too ..."
"What should I do?"
"Continue your mission, what it happened proves that things are moving. We will end up to know the true ..."

The Sovereign went away, leaving Yiris alone with her doubts. A memory crossed the mind of the general: she saw herself walking in the ruins of Fanelia, and suddenly, on a pile of rubbles, a man was facing her, Folken Fanel.
Every detail of that brief encounter came to her mind, especially the remark on the fact that a true soldier should carry a sword, which Yiris hadn't at this time.

The intonation of the voice, the look, in addition to the appearance, Alexandre was so like Folken ... Impossible but so real ...

Meinmet came down the hall and faced the young woman against the wall.

"Can I ask you a question?"
"Go ... "
"What do you think he is?"
"An undead, maybe."
"So why we are not scared?" The old man asked, puzzled.
"Because he inspires confidence, it was in his nature ... I haven't seen this man once time alive the man and, at the first contact, you are conquered ... He had a way to talk to you, to look at you ... It pierced the soul ..."
"Alexandre seems to me away from all this ..."
"Far and so close together ... "
"What my nephew said about it?"
"To continue as we began. Anyway ..."
"Anyway? " Meinmet asked.

The young woman stood up and went into the apartment as she can see the bed and Alexandre spooking to Hitomi, explaining again his incomprehension at the events.

Yiris began twiddling nervously the scabbard of her sword.

"No matter who he is, this man has answers. Answers that I'm waiting for a long time! As I have not those ones, his life will be my only priority, I want to understand."
"Understand what?"
"Why I was sent here to live the hell!" She replied nervously.

Meinmet bowed his head, and then he called Hitomi, suggesting her to let Alexandre rest. This latter nodded and left the room with the old man.

After they left, Yiris exchanged a meaningful look with Alexandre, then sat on her camp-bed, without a word.


Hitomi and Meinmet walked to the garden. Passing near the repairworkshop of melefs, the lean Yrkas came to meet them.

"Excuse me, Lord Meinmet, do you know what happened with the chief? "
"Well, Alexandre fainted."
"She did nothing at least? This story has put her on her edge. Wefeared that she get carried away by anger."
"No, she did nothing. But why are you so worried?"
"This kind of strange things, it annoys her. The chief has always beenseeking to understand and this man poses more questions than he solves."
"What do you mean?" The old man said.
"I don't know much about the chief. The general Hylden would be able totell you more, he knows her better well. Moreover, he asked me to givehim news quickly. However, I can tell you that the story of the risendead, that's exactly what could push her into her extremes ..."

After those words, the soldier took leave, leaving the old man and thegirl confused.

"Things are far from being clear here ..." Meinmet noticed.
"You cannot imagine how!" Hitomi sighed.
"Anyway, Miss, I think I owe you some apologies."
"Yes, I have talked a lot since I came here and I understand you didn'twant to come back because you've been through hard times here."
"I can admit I didn't want to return to Gaea... But Meinmet, do notfeel guilty! I realize only now that wanting escape our own past wasnot the solution. I had to come back ... However, things are notsimple ... I feel lost ..."

Hitomi had said that last sentence with a sad look.

"So you must take your time and make a list with the good and badthings, it will help you to make a decision!" Meinmet replied with asmile. "Finally, please, excuse me, Miss Hitomi, but I havesomeone withI want to discuss."

This time, Hitomi was alone with her ideas. She thought about herfamily, who still had to worry about her, to Yukari and Amano, she wasafraid of ruining their marriage with her disappearance ...

Then she began to think about her relationship with Van. At last, ifthere was still a relationship ...


Meinmet's curiosity had always been his greatest failing. Yiris hadgreatly intrigued him and wanted to understand her story: how a girl ofthe Moon of Illusions had turned soldier on Gaea? What was the hellthat shewas referring to?
Meeting the famous Hylden, who was closed to her, seemed a good trackto follow.

In another area of the palace, marked by claws, symbol of this part ofthe army. It was riding time. Many soldiers came to master their horses.

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