Chapter 34

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Early Morning Training with Lily

Early in the morning, after a few good hours sleep, Hoshi sat downstairs having a cup of coffee, waiting for the arrival of Lahar as she had asked him to arrive early. And true to his word, he arrived within five minutes of her getting her coffee, she glanced towards him as she sipped the beverage and stood up from her spot at the bar.

"Good morning" she greeted him and the hooded figure behind him, rune knights appearing shortly after.

"Morning" he greeted back as he approached her.

"Do you have the prisoners?"

"Yes, I do" she waved her hand and a number of tall black cages, similar to shark cages, appeared with different men standing inside, they had recently woken up and ate a small breakfast which she had given them.

"They're all accounted for" she spoke as she looked towards them.

"From what they've told me anyway"

"Did you keep them locked up like this the entire time?" Lahar asked.

"No, they had rooms downstairs" she gestured to the floor.

"I just teleported them into the cages to bring them up here"

"Do you have the tools in which they used?" the hooded man asked

"Yes Doranbolt, they're here" she then put her hand to her side and two large trunks appeared between them.

Lahar nodded as he took the sight in before him before gesturing to the cages.

"Arrest them"

"Be careful, they can be a little tricky" she warned them before sipping her coffee.

"And please be quiet, everyone is still asleep"

They nodded and proceeded to arrest the men, some of them drowsy from having only just woken up.

"Sorry for having you come out so early, some friends came for dinner yesterday and I couldn't risk them finding out about anything from Fiore..." she spoke as she looked at Lahar and Doranbolt.

"It's not a problem, we had nothing on at the time anyway" Lahar spoke as he looked at her then back at the dark mages.

"It seems Fairy Tail has been active..." he spoke as he gave her a sidelong glance.

She sighed softly as she looked down slightly before looking back at them.

"What have they been up to?"

"They've recruited members from Lamia Scale and Blue Pegasus, they seem to be acting quite odd too" he commented as she frowned slightly.

She rubbed her temples after setting her cup down on a nearby table.

"Damn it... Seems they're moving faster than I first thought" she mumbled to herself as she tapped her chin lightly then turned to the two men that were now watching her.

"I'm gonna need you to be prepared to come as soon as I call you, especially if they're all coming... I pray that's not the case though"

"Of course, we'll come to your coordinates so we can complete the plan" Lahar spoke as he gave her a small smile.

"Until then, stay safe and don't push yourself too hard, we'll let you know if there are any developments"

She nodded and smiled back.

"Thank you"

And with the dark mages now in their custody, Lahar, Doranbolt and the Rune Knights left her alone in the large empty room. After finishing her coffee, she washed the cup out and dried it before walking to the center of the room as she put the tables and benches away before summoning a group of training dummies and a wooden sword so she could train.

It was during this time that she was joined by Lily in his regular form, he watched her training for a few minutes before speaking up.

"Hoshi, would you like to spar with me?" she jumped slightly at the sound of his voice before turning to face him.

"Sure, sounds like fun" she smiled at him before summoning another wooden sword.

"Wanna use this?"

"Sure, I haven't used a training sword in a long time" he smiled before he changed into his battle form and catching the sword as she tossed it to him.

"Let's go" she smiled at him as she gripped the wooden sword before they began sparring.

Eventually they went from wooden sword to using their fists as Hoshi worked on her agility as she dodged most of his attacks before she used a roundhouse kick to which he caught her leg before she used her other one to wrap her legs around and pull him down to the floor before she flung him at the wall nearby.

"That's quite the move, where did you learn it?" Lily asked as he stood up and dusted himself off as she did the same.

"I had to learn from a young age how to take down larger people, for missions and whatnot. The first time I used it was on Natsu actually, when we were children" she smiled lightly as she walked to the cold room.

"Want some kiwi juice?"

"Yes please" he smiled as he followed her back in his normal form.

"Also, are you always up so early to train?"

"Not quite this early, I had to take some trash out before I could train though" she smiled and brought him a cup with a lid and straw with kiwi juice inside.

"Thankyou" he smiled up at her before having a long drink, a look of bliss on his face.

"Did you guys want to do anything today?" Hoshi asked as she watched him, sipping from a bottle of water before glancing towards the entrance where the others all stood, them having arrived a little while back and had seen the end of the sparring.

"What is there to do?" Levy asked as she rubbed her eyes slightly.

"We could always go down to the beach?" Hoshi suggested as she shrugged her shoulders.

"What if your school friends show up?" Wendy asked as she raised her hand.

"Then I'll just have to use my disguise, it wouldn't be the first time I've done so" Hoshi smiled gently before downing her water completely.

"How about it? We can all go, just no manipulating the water, okay Juvia?"

"Yes, Juvia understands" Juvia nodded as she smiled.

"Shall I just text the others and ask if they want to come?" Hoshi asked as she stretched.

"I don't mind and it might stop them from asking so many questions" she mumbled the last part to herself.

"Sure, sounds like fun" Tiger smiled at them.

"um, Hoshi?" Wendy spoke up as she looked at her.

"Yes Wendy?" Hoshi asked.

"Why do your school friends keep asking you so many questions?" Wendy asked as the others nodded.

"Ah, well... To them I am a mystery they have to solve. They want to understand my motives and why I'm so secretive, also due to how many times I've arrived to school in bandages, they think I'm a danger to their school life" Hoshi told her with a small smile.

"Just so you guys know, we can't use magic out in the open or in front of those that live here in Japan, okay? Not yet at least"

"Okay" they all agreed as they nodded.

"And don't worry, we'll all go to the beach together today, but next time it'll just be us" she smiled gently.

"Yeah" they agreed in unison again as they smiled.

With that, Hoshi left the room and pulled out her cell phone before starting to call all her friends from Ouran and asking them if they wanted to join her and the others for a trip to the beach to which they all agreed to, Tamaki agreeing not to take the customers as it was to be a day out with friends.

They made arrangements on a time for Hoshi to pick everyone up and she hung up before eventually calling up a bus depot to hire one of their buses for the day which ended up being big enough with room for everybody and their bags.

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