Chapter 32

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Yard Work and Dinner

That night went by smoothly and they all slept soundly in Hoshi's bed only to wake the next morning and find her no longer there, breakfast had already been cooked and coffee brewed while Hoshi was busy cleaning up the front garden of any weeds while in her male student disguise, her hair was pulled back out of her face and she wore jeans and a tank top with boots, she was busy pulling weeds out from around the roses before scrubbing the fountain down before squirting everything down with the hose that she had scrubbed clean before planting some smaller rose bushes along the sidewalk behind the fence of her front garden, the others watching from the window as she stood up and pulled of her gardening gloves before wiping her forehead and face with a towel before moving to the steps and cleaning them off too before heading inside and using re-quip to remove her shoes before she walked to the kitchen to get a drink.

"You've been busy" Lucy commented as she looked over at her, sitting at the island bench while eating some breakfast.

"Are they that intimidating?"

"Not really. I had actually been planning on finishing today a while back, it just so happened that they decided to visit on today too" she smiled softly at her as she pulled out a bottle of water before drinking a few mouthfuls.

"Did you sleep well?"

"Yeah, though the others and I were worried when you weren't there, the twins are still asleep though, the others are in the dining room eating" Lucy explained.

"Thank you for letting me know, you guys can relax today while I tidy up the backyard and work more on the pool before they call to say when they're on their way" she smiled softly at her.

"Also, when your done eating just rinse your things off and put them into the dishwasher if you want, I'll start it up in an hour that way everyone has had a chance to eat"

"Okay, don't overwork yourself though" Lucy spoke as she watched her sister figure.

"We all worry about you"

"Don't worry Lucy, I won't overdo it" she smiled and headed for the back garden to do weeding out there and check on the vegetable patch and chickens she'd bought a while back, whom she collected eggs from when it was only them.

"I'll be outside if you need me" she then slipped her gardening gloves back on and got to work.

The others would watch her from the windows, curious as to why she was working so hard when Tiger walked to them with the calendar and showed them the date and writing in the date box which read as 'Do front and back gardens, also work on pool'.

"Don't worry, the only thing she did for them is hide things on Fiore and put the twins' toys away, the study is always kept locked and she's the only one with the key" Tiger told them as he put the calendar back.

"Ah, I see" Lucy nodded as Wendy approached them with Carla.

"Um, excuse me..." she tugged lightly on Tiger's sleeve as she spoke.

"Yes young one?" Tiger asked as he lent down to her.

"Can I get you something?"

"I was just wondering, is there anything we can do to help too?"

"Hmm... I suppose you could help keep our Master's identity a secret or call her big brother and she calls you her sisters" he rubbed his chin slightly as he thought.

"I don't know about cleaning though, the Cub seems to have done it all..."

"What about the laundry?" Levy asked as she neared them.

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