Chapter 31

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She was rushing around as soon as she got back, she cleaned the entire house even though it was already spotless and began putting anything concerning Fiore out of sight as everyone else watched on in confusion, she had made Happy sit down from dizziness as she vacuumed the floor and steam cleaned anything she figured was a stain.

"Hey Cub, care to tell us what's going on?" Tiger asked as he put his hand on her head to try and stop her.

"Some school friends have decided to come and visit for dinner" she told them as she looked at everyone.

"I'm going to have to stay in my disguise until I drop them all off at their homes, I also ask if you keep the basement door locked at all times, I don't want them finding the elevator or stairs to downstairs" she told them as she picked up a stuffed toy of Elfman and another of Laxus as she sighed softly.

"Do you want us to do anything?" Lucy asked as the others nodded, agreeing with her.

"You girls, along with the other girls are basically my sisters and I've informed the guys from Ouran as such, so don't worry about it, I only ask a few things though, please don't give away that your mages and that I'm a girl, they all believe I'm a guy, besides Haruhi and Ritsu, whom you'll all get to meet eventually, he's just going through some things back home at the moment" she smiled softly.

"Also, some of the boys may try to flirt with you but I've warned them against it, they're the ones I wrote to you about shortly after moving here, the ones like Blue Pegasus" she spoke as she headed for the stairs.

"You picking the twins up today from school considering your home early?" Tiger asked as he watched her.

"Yup, they asked me to, you girls coming too?" she asked as she looked at Lucy, Levy, Wendy and Juvia.

"Yes please" the called out in unison, causing Hoshi to smile and laugh softly.

"We can drop by the shops while we're at it" she smiled.

"I'll come too" Tiger spoke as he raised his hand slightly.

"Don't want some jerk coming along and messing with you when you're not allowed to use magic"

Hoshi nodded as she smiled softly at him.

"Okay, I'll just put these away and get changed" she then headed upstairs to put the toys back into the room which they came from before going into her own and changing into clean jeans and a dark grey shirt and her brown knee-high boots.

She returned back downstairs with her hair pulled up into a ponytail and picked her keys up from where she had left them and turned to look at the others, smiling softly.

"Ready to go?"

"Yes" the girls responded as Hoshi laughed softly.

"Okay, let's go"

Hoshi led the way while talking with the others and pointing things out to them as they discussed what they would have for dinner that night and the night when the guests would be over, receiving looks from the people around them as they approached the elementary school where they saw children playing on the playground, waiting to be picked up.

"I'll go look for them, you guys wait here and I'll be back in a moment" she smiled softly at them.

"Okay, see you soon" Lucy waved

Wendy was rocking on the balls of her feet as she smiled at her, Tiger nodded and stayed with the girls so no one tried to hit on them.

Hoshi entered the school as some parents went by her and she looked around for the twins before noticing them sitting on a bench with some older boys talking to them, she frowned slightly as she noticed the boys were older and there were some high school boys.

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