Chapter 30

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Passing Time

The next few days consisted of Hoshi leaving the girls and Exceed's at home to do as they pleased, all but going into the locked rooms and having them choose whether to sleep downstairs or with her as she didn't mind the company in the bed. Levy and Lucy eventually found the 'library' downstairs after some exploring, it was filled with different books from all over Fiore as well as some around Japan and other countries.

The Host club would notice Hoshi's lighter mood whenever 'he' was at school and before he went running around the perimeter of the school, even the Sohma's noticed when they saw 'him'. Yuki and Kyo would sometimes notice a cat or a rat, even sometimes a rabbit with her as she was sitting in the library doing extra work, she spent more time with Ritsu as he had begun to feel a little down about something which he wouldn't tell her about.

It had been almost two weeks since the arrival of the strangers at the gate when the Host club along with the Sohma's entered the music room to discuss about Hoshi's odd behavior when they found a very tall ladder directly in the middle of the music room and an older looking man in an electricians worker uniform, he was working on the chandelier in the center of the room, replacing the light bulbs and polishing it up.

"Excuse me? Why are you in our club room when it was clearly locked?" Tamaki asked as he looked up at the man, the man glanced back down at them and frowned slightly, his gray eyes watching them before he looked back up at the chandelier as he finished what he was doing.

"I was paid to replace all the bulbs and polish the chandeliers, I let myself in" he spoke in a gruff voice as he then packed his things away and jumped down, causing the floor to shake slightly due to his size, he was over 7 feet high and towered over them.

"Relax, I'm not going to bite" he smirked lightly then chuckled softly as he slid the bag over his shoulder and folded the ladder up before glancing towards the window.

"There's a storm blowing in... Gonna be here by dark..." he was mumbling to himself then turned to look at them all before making eye contact with Haruhi.

"You lot stay safe..." he spoke before swiftly leaving the room, the ladder under his arm with the bag over his back, the doors swinging closed behind him.

"I don't recall my father say anything about having the bulbs changed..." Tamaki commented before he opened the doors to see the man had turned to look at him before he fully disappeared, he closed the doors quickly, his face pale.

"Senpai? Are you alright? You look like you've seen a ghost" Haruhi commented and he looked at her.

"I think I did" he then looked back at the others.

Before anyone could say anything there was a flash of light outside and they looked out the windows to see Hoshi pacing around by the pond below the window, she laughed at nothing in particular and twisted the ring on her middle finger before she looked up at the window and with not seeing anything, she bolted to the perimeter of the school again. They had seen her do this almost every day, she would wave what appeared to be a long stick in the air while talking to herself.

What they had thought to be a long stick was actually a long sword, much similar to that of Freed's only smaller, she'd started putting up protection runes to ward off intruders who meant the student body harm. Hoshi was not going to allow her friends to fall to any harm at the hands of her enemies or those of her fellow guild mates under someone else's control to hurt them either.

By the time she had finished with the protection runes around the perimeter, she began adding more protection charms in each of the rooms, the first being in the Host Club which she had finished doing when they had walked in on her while she was in one of her disguises. She had been lucky but unlucky at the same time when Tamaki had looked out the doors and saw her using her teleportation lacrima as it had been hidden from his sight at the time.

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