Part 15- the first date

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Play the song while reading
your favourite restaurant- y/f/r

Your POV:

I can't believe it
I'm on a date with Finn Wolfhard
The Finn wolfhard
And he is amazing

We get out of the car to (y/f/r) and go in holding hands. A waiter takes us upstairs and takes us to a seat on a balcony. It's beautiful. The candle light area and you can see the ocean waves on the beach. What did I do to deserve such an amazing boy?

We sit down and order our food. "Thank you for this Finn it's amazing" I say. "You deserve it y/n your everything a boy could ever want" he says. "Finn just know I never want to loose you. You mean everything to me and your so amazing" I say. He smiles and looks into my eyes. "I never want to loose you either and if I ever did I'd hate myself for it" he says. I smile and hold his hand over the table. The waiter comes and brings us our food and we begin to eat.

After eating Finn pays the bill and we leave the restaurant. We head to a 7/11 and get drinks. Finn got gator aid and I got a slushie. (Where are my heathers fans?) We head out and we walk down to the beach. I take off my heels. Finn takes off his socks and shoes and rolls up his pants so he didn't get sand on them. We leave our things at a certain area and walk down the beach hand in hand.
This is perfect
He is perfect

We talk for a while about our lives. I told him about my anxiety and my past life and he told me about his. It turns out we have a lot in common. After and hour or so we sit on the rocks at the back of the beach. "Hey y/n" Finn says. "Yeah?"
And that's when he says is....

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