No more pretending: chp 1- what you missed in all those years

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CHAPTER ONE: what you missed in all those years

It was 2053 when a scientist thought he made the most amazing discovery of all mankind. And in 2055 it went wrong.

Paul Benjamin Parker invented the first blood-parasite on September 6th 2053. A cell capable of ‘fixing’ or ‘healing’ the average person’s body; a person would have 90-110 injected into them, and they would flow round their system for the rest of their lives. These small robotic-like creatures [like all parasites] want to survive, and parasites can only live inside a being. This being is called their ‘host’. If the host dies, the parasites die, making it natural selection for the parasites to look after their hosts. However the blood-parasites where slightly different, apart from being bred in a lab, they were parasites that needed to have constant food to ‘fix’ their host when hurt.

These parasites feed on blood, to be persist, the blood of their host. And in return they could ‘fix’ and heal the host from minor cuts to brain damage, even old age; the parasites target any illness that harms their host, in this process devouring more blood, old age to a blood-parasite was something that could kill their host, so they would heal the host constantly; making the appearance of the host ‘perfect’ and non-ageing, the host lives forever.

Another ‘illness’ or threat to the blood-parasite was light. A normal human being can get burnt and harmed in the sunlight, so every time a ‘vaccinated’ person was hit by sunlight, the blood-parasites use more blood to heal.

A down-side to all this, is that no human has enough blood for this. Yes, they drank blood to feed the parasites inside them, to sustain their constant beauty and long-life.

Yes. The ‘vaccinated’ were as you so called ‘vampires’. I say ‘called’ because we are in 2067 now. But let me tell you a little history...

In 2055 two hundred thousand people had had the ‘vaccination’. And on june 5th Paul Parker realized what he had just done, he created the new predator for the human-race. A predator which was faster, smarter, stronger and just plain perfect, something that actually threatened us.

Parker didn’t plan where the endless supply of blood they need was going to come from, and on this realization he ‘vaccinated’ himself on June 7th. And then the chaos started. There is no more pretending now, we don’t the books and horror films, it’s all here, this is a different world.

People were attacked while walking down the street, the number of murders ran up high from the board. No one was safe. People like my mother and father went into hibernation; them and 67 others all moved into a castle. something that had managed to survive through the times. Installing huge solar and water [water mill] powered flood light which we put on at night flooding out around the castle, bathing the small area in artificial light, an invisible barrier from the darkness that choked around us. The castle was large and had a large amount of land around and inside it to supply us with food and water.

And by 2058 everything had been set back in time, cars and cities were abandoned. Wild animals ran through the forgotten roads and the once forgot past had been polished; horses were are only means of transport, everything was labour no machines to do anything apart from the remains like the flood lights. Cloths had to be handmade and people had to learn to do everything in a different way.

People who wouldn’t, or were too stubborn or spoilt to leave their large, not working, homes got killed by the new raging monsters. Clever people grabbed as many things as possible as they could find; ripped sofa covers off to make clothes and blankets, grabbed baskets and bags, pots and pans, matches, their sewing kit and any silver or gold jewellery that was worth any value. Then abounded home. People left their work and factories went bust. Machines broke down and the easy life became hard.

Welcome to the new world, the world of the past and the future combined into a horrifying disaster. Another bad thing; i’m stuck in England, if you hadn’t noticed it’s an island; everyone that’s here is stuck here till the day they die or they catch the parasite, no planes no boats. And as the ever growing population of ‘hosts’ increase the more our lives are at risk.

The bad news? We know we won’t survive, but we try. My name is Hope and welcome to the days of old and new. The good news? They can be ‘cured’, all they have to do is resist the urge for blood, for beauty, for immortality and for of course; the thrill of the hunt...


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