No more pretending, it's different now: prologue

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imagine everything - every house, every town had been abandoned. all because of a parasite, a parasite that gives you immortality, beauty, strength... all the things that human nature lusts after.

the price you have to pay? your humanity.

the way it's paid? blood.

yes this parasite feeds of your very own blood and uses it to gift your body.

the problem it brings with it? you don't have enough blood in your body to maintain it- you need more blood.

the way you get it? cannibalism. or you could say vampirusm.

hi my names hope. it's 2067, welcome to the future, welcome to hell.

you would have never have thought that to survive this, we left everything behind, homes, machines and everything that make your life easier- is no longer necessary the only thing on your mind is your safety. welcome to the game of survival.

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