Rough Diamond Cut, Pt. 2

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(prompt - 'fixed' 21/6/2019)

A roaring engine, with ear-splitting, stomach-thumping music throbbing out its relentless beat, announced the return of our somewhat dubious 'angel of mercy'. Dreadlocks HAD returned, as promised. I stole a glance at hubby. As suspected, he was also breathing out a silent, thankful sigh. While our hopeful rescuer had been away, we'd discussed our options. None looked too promising for the continuation of the happy holiday we'd planned.

Just like the 7 dwarves, it was 'off to work' he went, replacing that pesky cause of our disaster. "OK matey, get in and 'gun' it good."

And matey did. Nothing! Dreadlocks was devastated... but undefeated. He poked and hammered, twisted and turned another heap of 'bits'. And suddenly... well, 'glowed'.

"It's not that ol' cap at all," he said with glee, ignoring our HUH? faces... also our out-loud "WH-A-A-T?" chanted in unison. "It's the bloody wire that connects it... (Oops! 'scuse me French, lady!) Must'a popped out on a bump or sumpin!" And his joy was a sight to behold - cavern mouth and all! Seem to remember we all did some kind of a little jig. In short order, our original and unoffending part was re-installed and our holiday could continue.

"How much do we owe you?" Hubby asked. His gratitude was enormous.

"Aww nuffin' mister. Pleased to help yer get her fixed. "

A momentary inspiration caused me to grasp each side of his head, bravely not shuddering, to say, "Well, I can at least do this..." and planted a kiss on his forehead.

His eyes widened. "Wot's that for, lady?"

"I'm blessing you and wishing you karma, my dear." And at his look of confusion, I continued. "Karma is some really good thing that's coming your way in return for a kindness you gave so generously."

"Ohhhh!" He sighed massively and near knocked me over with his breath - an horrific blend of rotten teeth, 'dope', stale alcohol and whatever else had passed in either direction by way of his mouth recently. "When lady? When will I get it?"

I had to chuckle. His eyes were lit up like a little kid... and I felt my heart softening even more. What kind of mothering had he known... if any? I simply had to reach out and pat his cheek. "No one can say, lovey. Today, tomorrow... who knows? But it WILL happen, probably when you least expect it."

"Oh WOW, lady. Thank you. That's the best present anyone, ever gave me. Thank you... thank you..." and he fumbled his way back into his beat-up old car with cheeks blazing - and was there the glint of a tear in his eye? I'm not sure. Seemed my vision had gone somewhat watery at the exact same time.

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