Chapter Four

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<P><STRONG>Chapter Four: Ashton</STRONG></P>

<P>      I walked down the hallway to the lunch room. The hallway was warm, which is </P>

<P>extreamly rare for my school. Even in the spring, the school gets so cold that I can </P>

<P>feel it almost making my skin pale.  It is freezing, and gives me an extreamly lonley </P>

<P>feeling. That would suddenly all change. </P>

<P>     I felt warm arms quickly snake around my waist and I was pulled into a warm </P>

<P>strong body. It was hard like steal. I knew who it was, and the thought of him made </P>

<P>me smile right then. He squezed me tight And I somewhat enjoyed it. His breath </P>

<P>was heavy and welcomed on my neck. I quickly felt myself warming up, and my </P>

<P>heart beating faster. I felt myself sign in, and then finally I heard </P>

<P>his voice. </P>

<P>"Hello beautiful."<BR>Aston said. </P>

<P>I leaned into him and turned around. His body is so comfotable to me. </P>

<P>"Aston! My favorite boy in the whole world."</P>

<P>   I pulled my arms around his neck and he leaned in and kissed me gently. I smiled </P>

<P>against his lips. He bit my bottom lip and then pulled his face away from mine. </P>

<P>Rubbing his nose against mine. I leaned in closer and gave him one last kiss. </P>

<P><EM>Oh did I forget to mention? I've had a boyfriend for three months. </EM>I shiverred and he</P>

<P>held me close to him. I felt safe in his arms. So comfortable. I thought about the</P>

<P>bed in the mansion. Ashton is amazing. When he isn't mad. But his mood swings are </P>

<P>unpredictable and scary. Sometimes he is the most sweet and loving guy in the </P>

<P>world and other times, he is a compleat and total jerk. I smiled at him, his dark</P>

<P>lucious brown eyes glazed at my face lovingly. I felt butterflies go from my tummy</P>

<P>all the way into my head.</P>

<P>"Where are you going baby girl?"</P>

<P>Aston asked me sweetly. </P>

<P>"To find Ruthie"</P>

<P>I said. </P>

<P>  Aston's eyes grew cold and he stared at me. His arms around me grew tighter as if</P>

<P>he were going to choke the life out of me. The love and tenderness I had </P>

<P>experienced before faded, in a snap. I felt his mood swing comming, like a tremmer </P>

<P>before an earthquake. I tried to hold onto him. Then his arms compleatly let go of </P>

<P>me and he turned around and started to walk away. I pitter patted my feet along </P>

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