Then I just wore a black hoodie with some white with jeans.

I drove to the park and carried Faith out and take a basket I packed for me and Charlottle,some food for all of us to have like a mini picnic

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I drove to the park and carried Faith out and take a basket I packed for me and Charlottle,some food for all of us to have like a mini picnic. I set the blanket down and saw Charlottle walking with Olivia.

Faith immediately got up and ran to Olivia giving her the biggest hug. I chuckled. Faith looked at me

"Daddy can we go play? Pleasweeeeee?"

I chuckled while Charlotte was smiling as well

"Of course. But do not go too far babygirl. Okay?"


She giggled pulling Olivia with her going to the slides. I smiled looking at them and then looked at Char and smirked a little.

"Hey babe."

She blushed and sat beside me

"Hey baby"

She giggled. I smiled and gave her a peck on her lips. She smiled and scoots closer to me. I hold her hand not wanting to make it obvious since Faith is here. Then she started

"Soooo how is everything?"

"Okay. Just really worried about tomorrow. But im happy to see her smile today. "

"Yea. Dont worry Zander. Everything is gonna be alright. Just believe.Like i said baby ur the smartest man I know"

She said winking at me. I smiled and kissed her head and looked at Faith playing every once in a while as we have our random conversations.

Faith POV

Today daddy took me to the park. And Olivia came as well. I was so happy today. I also found out that my old daddy wanted me back which was super scary. I dont wanna go back. I wanna be with my daddy, Charlottle and Olivia.

But Daddy (Zander) promised me he wouldn't let me go. Which im really happy about. I love him so much.

I was going down the slide as Olivia was talking to some small boy when I saw someone I never wanted to see in a milion years. My eyes teared up as I started to shake as all the memories flood back into my head.

It was my old daddy. He came closer to me as tears started to drop. I squeaked out softly

"Please don't hurt me."

Then he said

"Im not gonna hurt you sweetie. Daddy just wanna have some playtime."

He said grabbing my arm.

"Your not my daddy!"

I said as tears were dropping. Then he grabbed my arm tighter and then I screamed my life out.


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