She laughed. I smiled

"So how is Faith doing? "

I sighed deeply.

"She is asleep now. I'm really worried about tomorrow cause thats a sensitive topic for her. And she hasn't even told me yet. How am i- Goddamit."

"Baby relax, dont worry im sure you will figure out a way. You always do okay? Ur the smartest man I know."

I smiled hearing whatever she said giving me a bit more confidence.

"Thank you my love."

"I will see you at the park later with Olivia?"

"Yes beautiful you will. Take care. Bye."

And the called ended. I so badly wanted to say I love you too her but I suppose this isn't the right time. My mind was not in peace.There were just so many thing going on.

I took a deep breathe and decided to do some work when Nick came in

"Hey Zan."

"Hey Nick. Whatchu doing here? Aren't u suppose to be with Veronica?

"Yea. But she had something to do so our plan was cancelled. How are you feeling?"

"Okay. Im just really worried about Faith and I promise Nick I will fucking win this case."

"I believe in you Zander. We are all here to support you. Dont worry."

I gave him a small smile. After that we just kinda relaxed and chill till Faith woke up as she is now in my office. I was so thankful that this time she got enough sleep without having a bad dream. I carried her and set her on my lap she cuddled to my chest with her blankie. I chuckled

"How was ur nap princess?"

I said pushing her baby hair away kissing her head


She snuggled up more. I hold her close to me and gave her a besito.

"Daddy had an idea today. "

She got a little excited and smiled.

"What is it daddy?"

"How about we go to the park?"

She got so happy and started to hug me and give me kisses all over my face and my lips. I chuckled


"Guess who's coming too?"

"Who daddy?"

I whispered to her


Her eyes lit up with such excitememt that im so happy myself to see her happy.

"Daddyyy lets go to the park nowwww."

I chuckled.

"Yes my princess."

I kissed her head.

I got her ready and she wore a white blouse, with some pink overalls and I did space bunz for her hair. She looked absoulately adorable.

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