Chapter 19

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Zander POV

Its been like a week since I found out that her fucked up dad wanted custody back. His name is Jason.

I have been preparing for what all that is needed during this case at the court. Faith also somehow understood that her dad wants her back and she has been getting bad dreams everyday.

She has been scared, worried, she wouldn't eat, play or even watch her favourite show. All she does is colour and she is always around me.

I understand. She is afraid that i'm gonna leave her. But I would never leave her. I will fight for her until I die. I would do it. If this doesn't work i'll find another way.

I decided to take a day off and just spend time with her and try my best to cheer her up. The case is next week
and since she is able to talk I gotta take her to the police station tomorrow.

They wanted a video of her saying the things he did to her. I know its gonna be very hard for her to talk about it but we needed prove and kids never lie. And to be honest no 4 year old child should have to go through this.

I was now in the kitchen cooking lunch for us. While Faith was sitting on the counter watching me. It was adorable. While I was cooking I asked


"Yes daddy?"

"What do you want to do today?"

She said with no emotion.


I looked at her and said.

"Princess, there's gotta be something you wanna do."

She looked down. I sighed and went to her. I carried her as she wrapped her legs around my waist. I said

"Babygirl, daddy gonna protect you no matter what. Daddy not gonna let you go okay? I love you so much."

I said hugging her moving around.

She smiled and gave me a besito. I smiled and put her on the highchair. I started to feed her. I wanted to tell Faith about me and Char but i felt that this isn't right time.

I will tell her maybe once this case is over i'll tell her. Today im gonna keep my promise and spend the day with her.

I decided to take her to the park later evening and  I even told Char to bring Olivia along as well. It would cheer my babygirl up.

Right now, im feeding her and im gonna try to get her to sleep so she can have a little nap. She has not been getting enough sleep this few days.

I fed her and put the plates in the sink to wash it later when she is taking her nap. I chuckled seeing food all over her mouth. She giggled too.

I took a wet cloth and wipe her mouth clean. I carried her and went to the hall and sat down on the couch. I rubbed her tiny tummy putting her favourite show on.

"U full princess?"

She nodded. I smiled and we layed down together. Half way through the show she was asleep on me. I smiled seeing her all cute. I kissed her head and carried her to my room.

I layed her on the bed. Putting pillows around her and left the room. I walked to my office room and sat down thinking about everything. Hoping it will go well.

I was just sitting there for a while till I got a call from Char. I answered

"Hey beautiful."

"Hi Handsome."

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