💗 Chappy 7

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Ani_😤 ahhh

Shiv_😁 ahhh



Ani_don't copy my words

Shiv_i already drink coffee wifey

Ani_I'm not talking about coffee.


Ani_😡 nothing

Shiv_then come we play car race


Shiv_then cricket

Ani_who play cricket in room

Shiv_oh then we play foot ball nice na

Ani_i feel sleepy I'm going to sleep.

Shiv_ok you sleep we play morning.


Anika lye on bed shivay also lye beside him

Ani_what are you doing

Shiv_night wifey all are sleeping i also feel sleepy sleepy good night reply wifey

Ani_good night

Shiv_say with smile

Ani_😀 good night 😡 ok sleep.

Wifey I'm not feeling sleepy

Ani_then what i do ya i sing lorry to you

Shiv_lorrys are for small boys I'm big boy so tell me story.

Ani_if i tell you sleep

Shiv_😇 yes

Ani_ok good
Once upon a day a giant live

Shiv_big giant


Shiv_is it big like he man

He go to his friend house for seven years.

Shiv_seven years


Shiv_wifey what his name

Ani_i don't know

Shiv_i don't know nice name wifey.

Ani_😡 ahh hear silently


Ani_story finished.

Shiv_👏👏👏 nice
Another story

Ani_sleep i say you tomorrow.


Ani_now sleep

Night 2:00
.anika wake up hearing tv sound. He saw shivay was dancing on song which is play on TV.

Ani_shivay what are you doing.

Shiv_wifey come you also dance with me


Shiv_what nahi wifey dance.

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