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Sophia's POV
Thanksgiving is a time for family. There is always something something to be grateful for and Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate it.

"Do you think it'll snow tomorrow in time for Thanksgiving?" Brody asks while we jogged through the forest. I shrugged and looked at Titus.

"It's getting pretty cold so there's a possibility," Jacob said. We reach the lake and stop catching our breaths. I sat the edge of the lake letting my feet cool off in the water. I heard a few childish giggles behind me and felt two hands on my shoulder. I quickly grab them and fling the body over my head.

I see Jacob' s body fly over my head and into the freezing water. I heard laughs from behind me when Jacob came out of the water. He pushed his hair out of his face.

"Holy crap this water is cold," he gasped. I smirked at him as he walked out of the water completely drenched. His shirt stuck to his body and became see through.

"Dude when did you get so strong?" Brody asked when I stood up. I shrugged and felt a cold rush on my back. I see Jacob shirtless and see his shirt clinging onto mine.

"Jacob you dumbass," I scowled and threw it back at him. I felt my shirt being lifted off on me and a warm one being put on my body. The scent of Titis seeped our of the clothing.

"I think we should head back because it's getting dark and we definitely don't want Jacob to freeze to death," Titus says sarcastically. "I also don't want you being out to late," he says pointing at me. We all nod and they all shift into their wolves.

I haven't attempted to shift since that day and I don't know if my wolf wanted to. I brought her forward forcefully and my leg snapped. I let out a whimper as a wave of pain rushed through my leg. Titus whispers and nuzzles his nose to my hand.

My wolf growled at me inside my head and I pushed her forward. I used her strength crack my leg back into place. I immediately pushed her back and let out a breath I didn't realize I was holding.

"Is she still resisting?" Titus asks through our link. I nod and carefully stood up making sure not to hit my sore leg. Brody and Jacob's wolves looked at me confused.

"Get on my back," he said. I club onto his back and hook my arms around his neck. I felt his wolf shiver at my touch. He mind links to Jacob and Brody and they both nod and they take off.

The wind flew through my hair as the leaves blew up from the ground as they ran by. The mixture of the wind and the cold made my skin freeze, but was easily heated it back up. The trees rushed pass in a blur. Our house came into the distance and he came to a stop at the edge of the forest. His fur went back to skin and I still hung onto his neck. I hung from his neck as he shifted back to human. I hop off and grab two shorts for Brody and Jacob. I throw it at their faces and they shift back and change.

Charlotte comes out of the house holding Tala and sets her down on the grass.

"Luna, the 7 Turkeys and 5 hams came," she said. I nod and smile as Tala jumps into my arm.

"Charlotte said it my snow tomorrow," she says excitedly. I look at her clothes and realize she's probably cold.

"Then why are you in a shirt and shorts," I said. She giggles and reaches out for Titus.

"Can we go for ice cream?" She asks making a puppy dog face. He frowns at her and she laughs.

"Pleaseee," she says poking at his cheeks. I belt back my laughs and I saw that Jacob and Brody was enjoying it.

"Isn't it kind of cold right now for ice cream?" He asks. She shakes her head and she laughs.

"Fine but you have to ask Sophia first," he said. She turned around and looked at me with her puppy dog eyes. I laugh and nod at her and she squeals.

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