Part 1

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Bobby POV

"I don't wanna!" I groaned as I threw popcorn at my older brother, Dylan he just turned 24 and being three years younger than him, I acted like a baby.

"You won't know unless you try! " he shot back and started picking up stray popcorn on the livingroom carpet. "Jesus, grow up! "

"I'm not leaving!!! "

My brother was known to be a very neat and tidy person but his house says otherwise. All the beer cans, popcorn, chips and anime posters cluttered everywhere and I was the reason for this mess.

My life became a disaster when my boyfriend for ten months dumped me because "Being a futa is so unattractive" and "I can't have sex with a dickgirl" shit. I got pissed and argued nonstop to that dumbass, leading to a parting of ways and blocking in FB. You could say my mind is more disorganized than my room.

So what if I have a penis?? I wasn't asked to be born this way, I'm just a rare case. I thought he was the right guy for me, guess I was wrong. That's why I'm scared to reveal my secret, I trusted that asshole and I blew it.

My lifestyle changed, I stopped going out for work which made me fired, I drink beer to numb the pain and frustration and my love for anime came back like a wave which made me haunt Dylan's home and never saw the sun again.


One day, as I played my favorite visual novel while eating buttered popcorn, Big Bro barged in my room and drew the curtains apart. The late morning sunlight scorched my eyes, I hissed, blinded to the point I only see white.

"What are you doing?! "

"You never left the house for FOUR weeks, Bobby." Dylan told me harshly as he picked up dirty socks from under my bed. "This environment isn't good for you. You need to enjoy the outside! "

I shook my head and zipped my tracksuit up and down, a habit I should refrain from doing. I observed him putting my trash away and looking for the other pair of my shoes and socks.

"You make a great maid." I smirked. "There's a cosplay costume in my closet if you need it."

"You do know that I own this house and I can kick you out anytime I want."

"Dylan, have I ever told you that you look exceptionally handsome today? "

"Flattery won't work on me, bitch." he stood up and crossed his arms, facing me. "Change, I'm taking you out for a walk. Just look at you! What do you see? "

I pouted innocently. "A beautiful woman?"

"Beautiful woman my ass." he spat. "You've changed ever since that bastard dumped you. You started drinking and being a shut in, you make several accounts to stalk people of your interest! No social life and your almost 22!"

"I have my waifus! And I can't live on since he broke up with me. "

"Listen, its not like the entire world revolves around you and Kyle-"

"Don't say that word, it's a curse. "

"It's a freaking name! " Dylan said in anger. "Now get up and leave this room immediately or I'll throw you to a homeless gutter! "

An hour later, I was wearing the most simple clothing ever, a black t shirt and jeans. I wore shades too to cover up my ugly eye bags that go down all the way to my cheeks. Dylan walked beside me, quiet.

It's been a while since I Ieft the house and it felt like I lived in a dull world full of black and grey but suddenly stepped in a beautiful painting. I enjoyed it but after minutes, I missed my body pillow of Levi.

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