Chapter 39: Talk To Me

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'I'll admit, I didn't really plan it through when I said I'd help you,' Elliot murmured, his chin resting on his hands, elbows propped up on the desk beside her. 'I can't even see the screens, let alone assist you in watching them...'

Quentin smiled, tapping on the keys in attempt to locate the area of the city she was looking for.

They'd been in here for a while since Colt and Ryn had left, and she'd been scanning through camera after camera.

Though she'd yet to have any luck in finding the right street, she'd been improving her own mental map of the city's footage layout.

'Moral support is just as important as visual support,' she told him, rewarded with an amused scoff in reply. 'Besides.... I'm sure you would have had the same problem trying to read through the files with the others.'

'Actually, you make a valid point,' he nodded. 'Unless they printed it out in braille, or something.'

'You can read braille?'

He rose an eyebrow. 'I'm blind. I've been able to read it fluently since I was four. Nevertheless,' he puffed his chest out. 'I shall endeavour to be the most morally supporting assistant you've ever had.'

She laughed at that. 'I'll take your word for it.'

If nothing else, she was glad for his company. Elliot had always been nice to her, even if he was a little flirtatious at times, rich, and overly self-assured, to boot. That was part of what made him.... Elliot. And she very much liked him for it.

Not that she'd admit that out loud, of course.

Every girl gets those thoughts, once in a while, don't they?

'Aha,' she murmured, when she'd typed in the next code on the list of camera sequences.

'Did you find something?' Elliot straightened.

'I've located the Mayor's office building,' she informed him, staring intently at the screen in front of her. With a few clicks of the keys she sized it up, so that the live-footage covered the entire array of screens. 'Now all I've got to do is rewind it to yesterday morning when.... Hold on... is that....?'

She narrowed her eyes towards the two figures standing at the end of the street.

'What? Who?'

'It's Colt and Aderyn!' she grinned. 'It didn't take them too long to get there...'

She watched as Colt was nudged forwards by an invisible force, presumably Ryn's wing, before the girl leapt into the air and promptly disappeared from view, leaving him grinning after her, shaking his head.

'Oh, you can deny it all you want, brother,' Quentin murmured, temporarily forgetting that she was within earshot of another member of the team. 'You so like her.'

Beside her, Elliot shifted.

'You planned this, didn't you?' he asked.

'Planned what?' she replied, innocently.

'You know what I mean.... Their convenient little trip to the city. Together. By themselves....'

'Oh, that,' she overexaggerated the word, drawing it out before finalising her statement, with a grin. 'Kinda.'

'You know,' he said, and she noticed a wry smile spreading across his face. 'Every time he looks at her, or she speaks to him for that matter, his electric impulse flares a little bit.'

'So... like the electrical version of blushing?'

Elliot huffed. 'I'm going to say yes.'

'Ha! I knew it, Colt! My theory has been Cowan-approved.' She turned victoriously back to the screens. 'I'm so going to tease him about this when he gets back.'

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